Review Rules

What kind of information should I put in my review?

Please keep in mind that people read your review when trying to figure out whether or not a curriculum will work for their family. Readers may have never seen the item you are describing. So, with that in mind, please try to remember to include some of the information in this list:

  • Age range. Is it age appropriate?
  • Size.
  • Number of pages.
  • Ease of implementation. Easy to use?
  • Explain how a lesson is supposed to be conducted.
  • Explain how a lesson actually runs in your home.
  • What is covered?
  • Illustrated or not? Quality of illustrations.
  • Is cutting and pasting involved?
  • Did your student learn? Enough?
  • Does your student enjoy using the product? Is the price in line with what you receive?
  • Consumable, workbook, software, hardcover, softcover, spiral.
  • Its approach (mastery, spiral, unit study, hands on).
  • Activities-driven or read the book then answer the questions?
  • Teacher's guide/key necessary or not? Tests available? Necessary?
  • Religious, secular, or multi-use, amount of religion in each subject.
  • Are copying rights conferred for single classroom?
  • Is it teacher led or done independently by the student?
  • Quality of materials. Has it held up under heavy use?
  • Is using it overall a positive experience?

How complete do the reviews have to be?

The reviews do not have to be exhaustive at all. The more complete the better. Just saying, "Good stuff!" won't cut it -- but somewhere between "Good stuff!" and about a page in length would be great. It's good to remember that not everyone is familiar with the contents of the curriculum item you're reviewing. Describing the item itself will often be very helpful. Maybe also include some info like: Why it worked well for your student. What was covered? Was it covered well? How does it compare to other curricula you've used? Did it live up to claims its publishers made? How well did the binding hold up? Why it didn't work for your student. How it could be more effective. Is it consumable or not? You get the idea. Even if you bought it, thought you'd use it, and then didn't, your experience can be helpful and instructive.

Please don't stray into name calling (yes, this has actually happened). A review that ridicules or sounds like it's trying to besmirch the reputation of a product will be removed. If you state, "This curriculum is a joke," then, of course, it's going to be removed. Sticking to the facts of your own experience and the facts of the item's description will be most helpful to homeschoolers who are trying to get specific examples of why a curriculum worked in some instances and not in others. Please write a review rather than a testimonial.

Reasons we might delete your entire review

We may delete reviews...

  • If they are too brief (i.e. if you only put 'Good Stuff!')
  • If it contains obscenities
  • If it violates copyright laws
  • If it has links to other websites
  • Other reason

Why can't I put links in my review?

Many reviewers try and post links to stores. Other links are for people's homepages or favorite cause, and while these may be worthwhile, they are unnecessary to the review itself. Plus, it is difficult to keep track of them all.

Why has part of my review been deleted?

It's a rare occurrence that any editing has to be done. 99.9% of reviews are well within the bounds of propriety. However, a rare review will come along that is in poor taste and in need of editing. One time a reviewer called a curriculum provider names. Name calling will often result in an edited review. A post may also be edited or deleted if the reviewer has implied that any poor reviews must have been posted by competitors with intent to harm their competition. You may at some point buy shoddy curriculum products. However, stating the facts of one's experience with the curriculum item, with emotions held in check, will often get the information across just as well. Keep in mind you can also go back and edit your own review anytime you like.

May students post their reviews?

Yes, students aged 16 years old and up may write reviews, and it would be very helpful to other homeschoolers if they indicate that they are the student.

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