History Modules (Simply Charlotte Mason)

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  • Reviewed on Friday, September 8, 2017
  • Grades Used: 1-8
  • Dates used: 2017
I tried Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum this year. Here are my thoughts... Everything they do seems to be done well. If you purchase the art or picture study - they are done wonderfully, just do not laminate - my mistake.

On the other side, I did not care for how it was written from the author to "my dear reader". It is also uses very "old" words, as if it were from a long time ago, which I do not prefer if it is actually a modern text. It did not hold my children's interest. I didn't love the book choices. One example, What the World Eats is a cool book, but the pictures are so old, you cant see them clearly, and the world has changed a lot since then, so they are a little irrelevant as a whole.

You cannot use the Lesson plan without purchasing a BUNCH of other materials from them. That was a downside because I would've loved using the living books instead of one written as a living book about the history.

I love the hymn study, poetry, music study etc. Like i said good quality. I dont like you have to purchase so much of their materials just to use their guides...in addition to extra reading books.