Writing to God's Glory

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Cindie Light

  • Reviewed on Friday, April 23, 2004
  • Grades Used: 4th up
  • Dates used: 2003-2004
This is a creative writing curriculum that has some very unique ideas presented in a biblical manner. I think it certainly fits the classical standard of higher requirements, but the focus on spiritual biblical ideas make it ripe for the Mason Approach and probably why this curriculum is popular in many circles of homeschoolers. That said, it was really hard to get into and I think the frustration is well shown by one of the other commentators on this review forum. Cathy Duffy calls it user friendly but I personally did not find this as user friendly. Plain fact is, if you dont have alot of time or desire to spend about 2 good hours reading how to teach the book then don't buy this curriculum! Because the layout is some what confusing Ive seen it as a great supplement to add to your existing Language Arts program. Like if you used Easy Grammar and were on Verbs then you could use her creative writing ideas or worksheets and assign a writing assignment for it. But I would not rely totally on this program.... it is quite costly but does allow you to go deeper into some writing ideas using biblical ways of introducing the concepts. An example is in discussing footnoting Above Reproach She writes Dont copy someone else's work. That seems simple enough. That seems fair enough. But is it? There are volumes and volumes of case law concerning copyrights and infringements. As Christians we should be above reproach. We should be able to testify to our work. We should give credit where credit is due. As you do your research keep accurate records. Quote and give credit to the source. etc., (pg183) You can't beat that intro into a footnoting paper...Though it says from crayon to quill...it really is more suited for your older writers. It also is not a bible study....it has some normal sheets with just some scripture peppered in at the bottom of the page and then at other assignments has some deep thoughts on the Biblical concepts. My son personally has gotten alot more out of learning inductive methods of Bible study and phrasing methods and then writing his own presentations from personal bible study time. Of course, he thinks he's Charles Spurgeon :) ... (Get Greek for the Rest of Us from Mounce learn it yourself and teach it to your kids! thats about the best gift you could send them off with) But bottom line, If your looking for a curriculum that you can open up and teach out of , be a whole program w/ lesson plans and be simple yet biblically deep creating your own little Shakespeare...all of this without any prep work then this really isnt it for you. (I don't know what WOULD be for you but this isnt it) If your wanting to take a child into a deeper creative writing lesson that has some biblical principals outlined, looking for some hands on ideas as well as copy sheets and is very nice in the way it requires the student to really think about what they are doing then check it out. You probably wont really start using this until you reach about 7th grade up... but it might help a struggling writer who needs it presented in a different way than just a typical worksheet layout...

Linda Hensz

  • Reviewed on Saturday, November 8, 2003
  • Grades Used: k-12
  • Dates used: 2003
Too much! And overpriced. May work for others, but it was too time consuming and busy!