Zaner Bloser

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  • Reviewed on Friday, May 25, 2012
  • Grades Used: K-2nd
  • Dates used: 2011-2012
I really like Zaner Bloser handwriting! It's straightforward and provides plenty of review and opportunity to perfect penmanship - I have one who has great handwriting (will be completing 2C before the end of the year) and one who isn't so great ;) (will be completing 1 before the end of the year). But I have no qualms about this program - their differences in handwriting skill have more to do with personality and age than anything else. :)
We'll be using 2M (and maybe 2C - we'll see how it goes) for my younger next year, and 3 for my older. I highly recommend it.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, June 3, 2010
  • Grades Used: 1-4
  • Dates used: 1992-1996
5-Stars! Excellent program. One reason we removed our son from public school was his unreadable handwriting, and the Award he got for it.. They allowed him to write on and off the lines, run words into each other, and copy sentences about witches and things. He brought home papers with sticker stars and wrote 'very good'! I decided this was unacceptable! I purchased Zaner Bloser, and he did very well with this program through about 4 books. His handwriting soon became unrecognizable (from how he wrote in public school, that is); it was absolutely legibile and beautiful! This program uses only 4 continuous vertical strokes in Manuscript, which also leads to simplified cursive. It is the same strokes that would be found in book text and print, so is familiar for them to read and write. Zaner Bloser Handwriting also emphasizes letter shape, size, spacing and slant, The books are colorful, but not distracting; yet they contain Stop and Check signs for the student to evaluate his/her writing. They teach the directions of each stroke, has trace lines for student practice of each letter, and has the colored headline, midline, and baseline for letter height. They also include four color keys to check shape, size, spacing, and slant- as constant assessment and discipline. The lessons also teach speed writing for high-pressured testing situations where legibility and speed are important-once each letter is mastered.I did not use the Teacher's Editions. I felt that I could teach handwriting with just the student workbooks, as my son had beautiful handwriting without my use of them. I also felt that he could get additional practice through the Writing program we used. On the other hand, the Teacher's Edition may be important if you are beginning Handwriting in a higher or middle grade. Zaner Bloser sells lots of support materials for handwriting . See . My son did very well with this program, and as a perfectionist in handwriting, I was very impressed with the results.
I highly recommend this Handwriting program over any other- especially for grade school and middle school-age students and remedial handwriting for older students.