Time4Learning (Preschool)

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  • Reviewed on Friday, September 3, 2010
  • Grades Used: Preschool
  • Dates used: Nov 2009 - Present
We started using Time4Learning with our oldest child (then 4) because I was expected twins the next month & needed something he could do without me right there the entire time. He flew through the program and absorbed so much! School time became something he rushed to get to and he didn't want to stop most days. He completed both levels (it is split into Pre-K 1 and Pre-K 2) within 2 months.

The program is set up so that a child that can work the mouse on their own can do it entirely by themselves, if you choose to let them. I liked hooking the laptop up to my TV, so that his younger brother (now 3 and using it himself) could see the little videos & books too without us being crowded.

There are 20 "units" in Pre-K 1 and 21 in Pre-K 2. Each unit starts with a storybook or short video and has 4 activities for your child to complete. Some of the activities are Puzzles, Match It, Memory Match, Find It, Ordering, Which, and Paint It. Each unit ends with a review option. My kids always picked the "Really Fun" option (they just click a face).

There is also a "playground" that they can access for 15 minutes on certain educational and play-time websites. The list is long, but I remember seeing Clifford a lot.

There is no grading to do & nothing to print off for the preschool levels (the older grades do have worksheets you can print). I think it is a great preschool program & I will use it with twins, too. I recommend it to anyone that homeschools as well as to anyone that just wants something educational to do with their children.