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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, October 14, 2014
  • Grades Used: k-12
  • Dates used: 2001-2014
This company is a fraud as well as the L-cipssi school. I had been using Curriculum Services for my son't entire schooling and now that we are finished and have met the graduation requirements, NO DIPLOMA. We called several times and were always told they would send the diploma. Now all the phone numbers are disconnected, address is a home address under foreclosure. I am finding out that others are in the same situation that this school is a fraud. The tutors they have listed on the website don't even know who Curriculum Services and/or Kathleen Sprafka is. This company is listed as a resource on several sites even one for PA education, who I am trying to contact. Do not do business with them, do not give them any more money. After thousands of dollars, years of homeschooling, we have nothing to show for it, NO DIPLOMA because they school did not even exist.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, December 5, 2013
  • Grades Used: 4th-11th
  • Dates used: 2007-2013
If you want to do your own homeschooling and just use their books,that's fine. The books are nice. BUT, DO NOT enroll in their L-CIPSSI School. They have not been registered with Florida State Dept. of Education since 2006! I painfully found out about this after I requested my daughters diploma and they started to give me the run around. She had to go get a GED. Yet they still take enrollment fees. Beware.


  • Reviewed on Friday, January 25, 2008
  • Grades Used: 2nd and 5th
  • Dates used: 2007-2008
I was happy to have found Curriculum Services as we are homeschoolers of five and my dh and I both work full time. If you are looking for curriculum that is thorough, will cover all of the bases for state requirements, doesn't have have to be planned, and will teach your kids to be independent learners, then this curriculum is definitely for you! My kids really love this curriculum and they say that they are actually learning more with it than with the public school curriculums that we had started out with. Everything is provided for you, such as attendance books and grading. My only apprehension was the cost, because our budget is tight. The only down side is that their website said that they had a teacher's guide for the second grade. I never got one, and when I asked them about it, they said they were still in the process of developing a new one as the old second grade reading that they were using went out of print. I also think that their website could use an upgrade, but the quality of the curriculum itself is outstanding.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, March 1, 2007
  • Grades Used: 4th grade
  • Dates used: 2006-07
I have a special needs child, one that learns at grade level but needs a lot of extra attention to sound concepts down.

Curriculum Services filled that need in so many ways. Our Science portion of the program is loaded with experiments (40 total if you do them all). I love this as it allows my son and I to get our hands dirty and see science in action. The science book is thorough, yet easy to understand with frequent review questions to master with your child before you move on the to next subheading.

The math portion of the program offers many choices for a range of abilities. We ordered the gentler math course. This course covers all of what is required in our state for 4th grade but without the confusing presentation we have seen in most textbooks. An optional CD can be ordered, we did order that and rate that high as well.

The Social Studies portion is very thorough. I feel especially qualified to comment on this as I pulled my son part way through his 4th grade year. The public school book covered the same information with about 200 extra pages! The public school version was confusion and required way to much abstract thinking without presenting the information in a way that conclusions could be found at a 4th grade level. The version used by Curriculum Services covered the material and included more hands on projects to sound down the concepts. Two workbooks are included along with a maps binder and an Activity book provided by Curriculum Services for extra understanding. There are also extra maps provided to use for testing or as you see fit. The maps binder is a wonderful addition. I ordered an extra one and my son and I color our maps together. This has opened the door to discuss what the maps mean with a smile on our faces. My son is learning a lot about Geography, as am I.

What I like best about Curriculum Services is the amount of information provided to the parent. There is much information that can be downloaded from their website but more is provided when you receive your package. The record keeping portion is very thorough and easy to understand. This method of organization would be hard to beat.

In conclusion, I will mention that I plan to continue to use Curriculum Services in the upcoming years. My son loves the program and is beginning to enjoy "school" again.