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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, February 7, 2018
  • Grades Used: 1st grade
  • Dates used: 2017-2018
This is my first year using CLE and I really love it. For kindergarten, we used another program, but my DD did not learn as much as she has with CLE (it was internet based while CLE uses workbooks). My DD was not accustomed to writing with the other program. Its subjects seemed disjointed and I was distracted by the myriad of 'optional' activities which made it feel like what I was doing was not enough. Not to mention all the extras I had to spend money on for science and the optional activities.

CLE is very doable, in my opinion. At first I was afraid it looked too easy. I was wrong. It seems very developmentally appropriate, challenging without being ridiculous, wholesome, and easy to understand for both the teacher and the student. I think the key to my success so far has been that I read and follow the directions exactly as they are written. I don't take shortcuts or alter the curriculum in any way. As a result, my daughter has learned a lot, I have saved time, and I have saved money. She has gotten better at doing the work on her own after I've taught the new points to touch on and reviewed with her. There is always some review, but it works to help your child remember things. My daughter is slowly learning to incorporate what she has learned to figure out how to spell words or write things on her own. There is some teaching required, but I think small children need a teacher regardless.

One thing I worried about when I first looked at reviews for CLE is that some reviewers mentioned it is light as far as writing goes. As a result, I purchased a separate manuscript book they offer. I started with only math, language arts, and then reading (social studies, bible, and science are optional for first grade). We finished the manuscript book. I found that it was best to do math daily and alternate language arts and reading (once reading begins...which is later). Then, I decided to add social studies, bible, and science. I found there is more than enough writing when you use the whole curriculum and the writing increases as you get further into language arts/reading anyway. Thankfully, penmanship, grammar and spelling are included with language arts.

I was originally unsure about adding social studies, bible, and science. I considered mixing CLE with another company for these subjects. What I started to find, however, was that other people who were doing this did not have enough time. One woman gave a review of a science course I thought looked good, but she barely did any of the experiments. Wasted money. I think the reason is that it becomes too time intensive when you mix curriculum. One company is not aware of how long another company's language arts/math takes to complete. What I've found through purchasing all the courses through CLE is that they all work together beautifully with regards to time and subject matter. I feel satisfied that my daughter is getting a little bit of everything with the strongest emphasis placed on what is most important now that she is in first grade.

CLE is not confusing. Its teacher's manuals tell you exactly what you need to do every day without overdoing it. It is straight forward and you don't need to a ton of preparation. I just read whatever I need to prepare in case I need to bring a flashcard or teaching clock with me, take the manual, and go. It takes a few minutes and not an hour to get ready to teach. CLE is also quite affordable (especially now that I won't be relying on another company for science or social studies). I love, love, love CLE and recommend it to anyone who appreciates simplicity, thrift, thoroughness, and good moral values for their children.


  • Reviewed on Monday, December 21, 2015
  • Grades Used: K, 3
  • Dates used: 2015
Where to start? I guess, I'll start by saying I have absolutely nothing negative to say about CLE. It has purely been a blessing to our homeschool, and I wish I had tried it earlier. I will say this - CLE is advanced. You'll find that the 200 level is on par with most grade 3 curriculums, and it's not at all uncommon for children to test into a level lower than their actual grade.

When we started homeschooling a few years ago, I wanted the "opposite" of public school, I wanted to do a very Waldorf/CM inspired approach. Except that - that's not how my children learn best. So, having tried more curriculum than I even want to admit, I knew we needed something new this year.

I had realized that my children both do best with workbooks, and a visual approach, and that they both like independent work. A friend recommended we try CLE, and here we are. After the first week, we were in love.

We are using Kindergarten II for our 5.5 year old daughter. It is an excellent program. Very thorough, and you just cannot beat the price. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her work book pages. I only wish there were more of them because she's enjoying it so much that she will easily do 10 pages a day!

Our son is doing CLE Reading, Language Arts and Math. Our son used to HATE math, absolutely hate math, he found it overwhelming. He is now loving math class. He loves doing the speed drills, which are really helping him cement his math facts. I find the lessons are a good length, too.

The reading is sweet. Wonderful, Godly stories that are engaging to the children. My son enjoys reading them, and even my youngest loves to come listen in.

The Language Arts takes longer to complete than the other program we were using, but oddly enough, even though it takes him longer, he likes it better. I find using Reading and LA together gives a great, interwoven review of topics. You get enough review to help it stick, but without it feeling like overkill.

Overall, we find it takes about 90 minutes for Math, LA and Reading at the 200 level. And for the first time in a long time, my son is eager to do his lessons. We also do the review questions in the TM before each lesson, as well.


  • Reviewed on Saturday, November 8, 2014
  • Grades Used: K
  • Dates used: 2014
This review is for the new CLE Kindergarten II

This is the best Kindergarten curriculum I have ever used. (and this is my 4th kindergartner, and my 9th year homeschooling)

There are 10 workbooks, but you use two together so it's really only 5. One is the Workbook and one is the Activity Book. The workbook is the main lessons. You don't need a teacher manual, the instructions are written at the bottom of the students page. They are very simple. The workbook covers both Phonics, Writing, and Math. It has letter identification and sounds and a lot of writing. The math part covers counting and writing numbers. It introduces concepts like left and right, above and below. It has matching and different excercises. It has instructions on teaching their phone number and address. It has taught color words, rhyming words. It has coloring excercises and cut and paste activities in the activity book. There is alot more to the curriculum than it first appears. The lessons are long, so plenty to do in a day. It is intended that you would do 1 whole lesson in both books in one day, but this can be too much for some kids. My daughter did a whole lesson at first because she was really eager. But now it's gotten more challenging, she usually does half a lesson a day. We are finishing a set of books in about a months time.
We started in August and my daughter has just finished books 3. She will be done soon and we are going to move into CLE Learning To Read. It has just started introducing beginning reading, like words dad, sad, big...but my dd was ready to go ahead and get more into reading. I got Hooked On Phonics for her and she is reading! I think HOP goes very well with this curriculum.

This curriculum would work well for preschool also, but I would take it slow. I think the hardest part for this age level would be the writing, there is quite a bit.


  • Reviewed on Friday, April 11, 2014
  • Grades Used: 2nd-5th
  • Dates used: 2009-2014
I'm so thankful for this curriculum. I only use the Language and Mathematics LightUnits so I can only attest to those subjects. My daughter did Teaching Textbooks for grade 3 math. She was NOT prepared at all for her end of the year test (we used Terra Nova that year). It was devastating to her. Teaching Textbooks was so far behind and I was naive to think that I could place her in front of a computer and expect her to learn without any involvement from me. I ditched the TT and went with CLE but had to start her a year behind. We just finished our testing (she took the 4th grade Terra Nova) and ACED math! I was sooooo surprised, seeing as how we were a whole year behind. CLE continuously reinforces the concepts. This is done with small amounts of review so it's not drudgery to the student. CLE has been less teacher intensive that I had expected also.