Math Mammoth

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  • Reviewed on Thursday, March 15, 2018
  • Grades Used: 2-6
  • Dates used: 2017-present
I stumbled upon Math Mammoth last year and am very happy with this program. My youngest seems very math inclined and absolutely flew through BJU math 2 and was bored the whole way through. Now we are doing MM, and she loves it. She loves being able to figure things out in her head, and learn all the little tricks to make math easier. My older kids are currently using MM as a supplement to another math program. It is definitely advanced, and we do use it a year behind. I don't think it's a great program to just jump into in the higher levels. One of mine did, and even though she is quite strong in math, it's definitely forcing her to think more. I have found MM to be a perfect supplement for Teaching Textbooks for one of my children, and he's doing great with a combination of both programs.


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, May 18, 2016
  • Grades Used: 1st-6th
  • Dates used: 2009-present
Math Mammoth is a great program. It is clear, easy to teach, and all-in-one. The PDF's are great for re-using for younger siblings and it includes money chapters in currencies other than US. It is mastery but there is some review at the end of each chapter and it is very good at explaining why math works and also at teaching mental math strategies.

I've had two sons complete the series and two more going through it currently.

The one thing I will caution about is that I feel that the upper levels (4th+) are advanced. Compared to some other programs, this is a bit harder and introduces topics earlier. This has become especially apparent to me in the 6th grade level. In my opinion, this entire series could be used a year behind and you wouldn't be behind. In fact, I may do this with my youngest, who struggles a bit more in math than his siblings.


  • Reviewed on Monday, August 10, 2015
  • Grades Used: 1
  • Dates used: 2015
I ordered this because I had used 2 levels of Math-U-See and didn't like that one after a while--not enough variety in the topics covered and the directions in the teacher's manual were too confusing for my son (for example, for addition problems with 9, they want you to think of the 9 as a vacuum that sucks up one from the number you're adding to it, so 9 + 7 = the 9 sucks up 1 from the 7 so it becomes 10 + 6). It was also too expensive. I read a ton of rave reviews for Math Mammoth. I like the price of Math Mammoth and that it covers a lot of topics. The book we have now goes over addition, subtraction, time, calendar, and money. However, Maria (the lady who wrote the curriculum) claims the curriculum is "self-teaching" and that the directions are written into the workbook so there's no separate teacher's manual. How in the world does "Solve using addition" count as self-teaching? There is very little explanation. I have an almost-6-year-old, a 16-month-old, and a 4-month-old. I have to tend my other two kids. The whole reason I bought this curriculum was because of how it was advertised as being "self-teaching". I wanted something that my son could read and work on independently and maybe have me help at the beginning. I don't want something where I have to sit there and re-explain everything with every. single. problem! I'm not that great at math myself, so trying to explain it clearly to a 5-year-old with almost no help is frustrating. Luckily my husband is a math-whiz so he can help.

I'm still using the workbooks since we already paid for them but I wouldn't recommend them unless you can explain math to children in a way they understand and just want to use the books instead of having to print worksheets off the internet.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, June 28, 2015
  • Grades Used: 1&2
  • Dates used: 2014-2015
I completely agree with all the above positive reviews! Our boys enjoy Mammoth and the way Maria presents it - it makes life easier for me not having to prepare lessons. Having boys who like to be hands on with learning, manipulatives can very easily be brought into your lessons. You can make it as lively or as boring as you'd like it to be.

On the printing front I'd just like to add something that has really helped us - we started out printing the chapters one by one and then filing them, but with young boys pages were getting torn and sometimes a paper jet would turn out to be the missing math page.... I took my flash drive to a local printer and they printed out the rest, including the tests, and wire bound it for us. Now we have our books, nicely put together and no more loose pages. We printed them mainly black and white, but I went through it all first to check which ones would be more appropriate in colour, eg. Geometry. Sometimes this is necessary. If you can afford to go all colour, then do so by all means, but it's not a must.

We live out in Namibia, so doing printing online isn't so easy for us. Most of you will probably be in the States and I'm sure online printing and binding services will be more easily available. I find that spiral binding is even better as it doesn't have the open space for pages to slip out over time. Wire binding is the second best option in my opinion, but that's the best available for us now and it's working just fine.

I hope this helps - happy schooling ;-)