Bedell Curriculum

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  • Reviewed on Saturday, August 16, 2008
  • Grades Used: Pre-K to 5th
  • Dates used: 2005-2008
I really like this curriculum. It is nine volumes that cover the entire bible and integrate science and history. I am easily charmed by the newest thing that comes down the pike or by what others rave about, but when I really stop and think what has worked for my family and lifestyle this is IT. I have four kids from 4 to 11 at this moment and this curriculum does for me what I need it to do. I may stray for a while, but we are just beginning volumes 1-4 again after our recent trip to the Creation Museum because I am again seeing how relaxed and easy teaching was before I decided to try yet another style of teaching.

1. It is "snuggle on the couch friendly". My kids and I read it together and sometimes we use it as our family devotion after supper. It works really well as a read aloud. Sometimes the kids write out answers to the questions at the end, but more often I use narration to see what they remember.

2. It covers all those state-mandated facts. He consulted many text books during the development of this curriculum so you can be assured that there are very few, if any, gaps.

3. It is BIBLE FIRST!! :) I'm ashamed I didn't mention it first, but having used it for so long, I guess I take that for granted a bit. I love that we study the word and the science and history stem from that.

4. It is self contained with all info already there. I can add books from the library if I want, but it is not necessary.

5. It can be purchased volume by volume and you can either work fast or slow through them. One volume could take you all year or you could work through three or four. It leaves a lot of flexibility.

6. It helps to make room for the "three r's" Science and history do not take all day with this and I find I have plenty of time to work on everything.

7. It travels really well and we have moved 11 times for the military since 2002 so the value in this can not be overstated. If you are on a plane, bus, train, or car you are good to go with just a volume and the bible. I have the kids math and language arts on a lap top.

Cons--not really bad, but things to consider:

Not too many. The only negatives I can see are really just a matter of preference. If you like to study history (beyond Bible) chronologically then this may not fit. Topics stem from the Scriptures in the order they come up. I like to read historical fiction to my kids in a general order also, so this is not a problem for me.

If you like full-color illustrations you will not find those here, but I would imagine that would make the curriculum much more expensive.

The lessons cover materials to sixth grade, with research questions for 7th -12th. It would not be enough for this older level, however I hear Dr. Bedell is going to key in the lessons to popular texts like Apologia in order to keep whole families on the same page, so to speak. This is not completed yet, but should be done soon.

The only other "con"is that all nine volumes aren't done yet, but they should be done soon, so it really isn't a problem. I have just ordered volumes 5 and 6. The rest are due out soon.