Visual Link Spanish

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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, September 9, 2014
  • Grades Used: 6th
  • Dates used: 2014
The download version does not work on Macs. I bought it and tried to run it, and when I couldn't run it, I contacted the company, who informed me that, although their website says that Mac OSX is an option under "System Requirements," it really doesn't run on Macs.


  • Reviewed on Saturday, January 21, 2012
  • Grades Used: 3rd and above
  • Dates used: 2008 - 2012
I wrote a review of Visual Link Level 1 several years ago (see below) and I wanted to update it. They have upgraded the program and it is even better. It is even more kid-friendly, and although I recommend it for 3rd grade and above, my 7 year old son is using it. They have added many more games to reinforce the lessons, and he just needs help with the ones that require some spelling. I am also using it with my 10 year old. Students earn money by doing the lessons, and can buy virtual trips to Spanish-speaking countries. Both boys always want to do Spanish first, and each have their own user.

I have been through their Level II and couldn't be more thrilled. Level I gets you speaking in everyday sentences, and Level II teaches over 100 verbs and five tenses, again with games to reinforce the lessons. Lessons are very clear. I thought I could never memorize so many verbs, but by hearing the same ones repeated throughout the program, they really do begin to stick. The program comes with audio CD's that are great to listen to in the car (pretty sure MP3 is an option, too).

I am beginning Level III and cannot imagine learning Spanish any other way. The style of the program is similar to Level II. I feel confident that I can learn even more verbs, and more tenses. I appreciate the ability to repeat and review as much as or as little as I need to. Again, audio CD's are available to listen to in the car, or I believe an MP3 version.

It is nice to be able to practice with my children. It is also nice to have a subject taught almost completely without my assistance, and so well.


  • Reviewed on Saturday, July 10, 2010
  • Grades Used: 9th, currently using
  • Dates used: 2010
We have tried other Spanish programs, but this one is the best. Instead of learning silly things like how the princess is singing in the bathroom (Power Glide), or just nouns (first Rosetta Stone lessons), Visual Link has you learn how to say things you will really need to say. The bases of sentences, like "where is the..." and "I need to go to the..." It costs so much less than the other programs too! Customer service was very helpful and they send emails with helpful ideas regularly. We got the optional workbook too. My son likes this program so much more than Power Glide, which he "failed" when he couldn't accept "llama" not being an animal! Even the younger Power Glide has students learning about the "cow eats corn." Not much call for this sentence! We want to be able to ask where the bathroom is, or how to get to the bank!


  • Reviewed on Friday, May 2, 2008
  • Grades Used: Upper Elementary/Middle School
  • Dates used: 2005
For free demo lessons of Visual Link Spanish, visit:

The free online demo lessons are what sold me on this program. I had never had a Spanish lesson in my life, and walked away knowing several everyday sentences after a 20 minute lesson. It was very fun to use with my kids, as we could practice on each other throughout the day. Common phrases, such as "I need to go to the store", "Where are my shoes?" are a few examples. The program is done on the computer. You hear and see the words that are spoken by "Maria" who is very easy to understand and imitate. Words learned are repeated throughout the course so they really get cemented in. The program comes with a Pronunciation CD to help us "gringos" sound like a real native speaker. Also included are audio CDs so you can listen and practice your lessons while driving, etc. Any number of people can use the same program, and you should repeat the lessons as many times as you need before moving on.
There is a game for kids to play that practices spelling. Also a vocabulary section.
I would think a child as young as 8 could do this program easily.
There is a free online newsletter you can sign up for, where you can even email questions you may want to ask.
I also have Level II but haven't used it enough to give a review.
I believe an online Level III is also available now (May '08).