Accelerated Achievement LDS Version

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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, August 20, 2008
  • Grades Used: k and 4th
  • Dates used: 2 weeks! 2008 - ?
Luckily, I have several friends that have home schooled their children and they are bright, articulate, mature, educated children. It is to these friends that I have gone to and asked for advice on curriculum and the how tos of home schooling. The plus is that we know that this is the right choice for us and Heavenly Father is blessing us and guiding us. I love the fact that the curriculum (A2) I am using for spelling (from the 1800's) has fill in the blanks from the Bible, Milton and other famous authors. A does copy work everyday and has now memorized all the Articles of Faith and has moved on to quotes from Shakespeare. We will be working on scripture mastery as well. We have just started reading Treasure Island with A, and Pinocchio with all the kids. The kids love it and want more. A is becoming self guided (moving onto the next subject without being prompted) and can go as quickly or as slowly as she needs to. She is unlearning some of the things from public school. Like looking for what she believes I, as her teacher, am looking for. I want her to think for herself - To read material for the things she finds important or interesting. The first day I asked her to read from a book and choose questions to ask as if she were the teacher. She had the most difficult time, asking over and over what I wanted. I kept telling her, "You are the teacher. You decide." This kind of instruction was so difficult for her because she has learned to not think for herself in school. That is what they teach you, you must think about what the teacher wants and that is the right answer - even if you have a different answer that is just as valid. I want to encourage creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship that is so lacking in public school. Yesterday we had a new list of spelling words. After today she was ready to take the test. Why should she have to wait a whole week to take it and do busywork in between? Let's move on and learn more new words!

C has an aptitude for math. He's never been taught math and is easily adding things within days of starting school. In kindergarten, they wouldn't be adding until months from now, they'd be reviewing colors and shapes. A plus for me is I see him starting to sound things out with the A2 phonics cards and adding things up and see the joy on his face when he accomplishes sounding out a word or getting a hard math answer. If he wasn't here with me, I'd miss it! It's like missing his first steps!

J and M get in on the action, too. They love little art projects and tracing letters. M loves "school" and feeling like one of the big kids. J will still be attending preschool, as will M next year.

Now that we have made a shift in our thinking it is like we have the blinders taken off and can see all the possibilities to what this can be versus how difficult it is. I don't know for how long we will do home school as long as it feels right I guess. I'm just having faith in the Lord because this was something I NEVER thought I would ever want or be able to handle. So far it's going better than planned and we are already enjoying the fruits of our labor! I'm loving learning all the things right along with the kids, I've never read several of the "classics" that we will be reading.I have loved the curriculum Accelerated Achievement.It has given me the direction and resources I needed. I don't have to spend hours searching what classics are the best to read with a kindergartner or a 4th grader. It is there in front of me! I have also liked the direction from the founder Paul Stone: keeping a personal dictionary, quote book, asking questions as if the child were the teacher, etc.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, August 19, 2008
  • Grades Used: 4th and 6th
  • Dates used: 2007-2008
As a family we've really enjoyed this curriculum. At first it was a bit difficult. But as we, well mostly I became used to it I've really enjoyed it, which means my children enjoy it more. I like that all the information is readily available and easily adaptable. The copywork is helping my daughter who is 9 and autistic with her writing and memorization. My son who is 11 and would rather be outside running around in our woods enjoys the adventure stories from any age. He even lived the Christmas Carol which I did not expect. I have recommended A2 to several friends and will continue to do so. Thanks A2!