Dositey Beginning Readers

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Melanie Matich

  • Reviewed on Thursday, November 10, 2005
  • Grades Used: K, 1st grade
  • Dates used: present
The Dositey Beginning Readers Course is a great online program to teach your child to read. The program is phonics based and it has 12 units. There is a free demo for the Unit 1, so you can try the program with your child

Each unit includes an introductory lesson that introduces the phonic structures and the related words. These words are then practiced through several different practice sessions. For example, the cat speaks the word, and the child has to find and click on the spoken word. Or, the child has to fill in the missing words in the sentences.. At the end of each unit there are interactive stories with the Q&A session. And the entire program is only $29.95! A lot cheaper and in my opinion better than headsprout.
Oh, yes, you also get lots of printables with it.
The website address is: