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  • Reviewed on Friday, August 21, 2015
  • Grades Used: 1st-2nd
  • Dates used: 2013-2014
Our child received in-school tutoring which I was told was the 'TouchMath' program, even though this was a Montessori school.

We finally left the school after three years of seeing no progress in mathematical ability.

The year-end evaluation we commissioned revealed that our child was at minimum a year and a half or further behind in basic math/currency/time-telling/word name it.

Suffice it to say, we are not fans of TouchMath.


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, April 30, 2008
  • Grades Used: pre-k & up
  • Dates used: current
I first became intrigued with TouchMath when my foster daughter came home with some worksheets for homework. I was amazed to see this 5-year old child whizzing thru her math problems, adding both single and double-digit numbers. The program uses a multi-sensory approach to, first: learn how to count and second, learn how the number itself correlates to objects being counted. This method truly helps children understand the concept between saying the number and knowing that it represents X amount of whatever they are counting. My 9 year old, who is MR, could look at the number 3, say its name, but could not understand that 3 of something meant there were 3 of something. So watching my 5 year-old foster daughter not only understand how to add & subtract, the fact that she understood the concept was even more astounding.

I did the research, looked into their website, and was SHOCKED by the cost. The kits are quite expensive and an entire year's worth of work will literally cost you hundreds of dollars but --- they sell workbooks in sets of five. The price has jumped up since I purchased my set but I can tell you, it's been well worth it. My son is finally "getting" the concept of numbers, adding, the number word, etc.

The staff at TouchMath are truly wonderful. They offer a free training video, you can keep it up to 30 days, that teaches you how to teach using the TouchMath system. One of the reps told me back in December that the company would be offering down-loadable worksheets "soon" and the time has finally arrived. Finally, I can order worksheets as I need them!! The only downside to this wonderful feature is that the worksheets take FOREVER to download, so I suggest only purchasing the minimum of five sets at a time. The discount is available immediately upon the 6th set. To get to this section on the website, go to the "sign up for E-news" button, from there the letters that have gone out are available--click on April 2008 and you can find the info there.

(This is directly from the website)
"The Activity Sheets come in sets of five — the minimum recommended amount of practice for each concept. They are organized by skill and are carefully sequenced so you can quickly and easily choose the appropriate sets for your students. An answer key is included for every page.

The minimum order is five sets of five Activity Sheets (25 total pages plus 25 answer key pages) for $12.50. Beginning with your sixth set, you will receive incremental discounts of up to 30%. A $3.50 processing fee will be added to each total order and will be applied in your shopping cart."

(me again)
Although the cost still seems rather high, as workbooks from Wal Mart/etc can be purchased for far less, this way of teaching math truly is far better than most programs. My 4-year old started with the Kinder materials and is already far ahead of where his siblings were at the same age. I truly believe this is because of the TouchMath program.

I hope the cost does not scare too many people off. They do have a section of free worksheets if you want to take a look at some samples. Again, request the training video, look at the free worksheets, and see if this program would truly work for your family like it did for ours!

June Williams

  • Reviewed on Saturday, September 17, 2005
  • Grades Used: K-Adult
  • Dates used: Sept 02-Present
TouchMath is a multi-sensory teaching approach.It combines manipulation and memorization.Work is done on paper by seeing,saying,hearing and touching numbers as the student arrives at the right answer without guessing.Math facts are learned by using auditory reinforcement,flashcards,and timed tests.TouchMath follows sequential learning strategies,teaching counting,addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,story problems,time,money and fractions.Promotes math comprehension for all students,including remediate learning problems,excellent for use in the special education classroom,those that have autistic spectrum disorders and remedial math instruction for high school and adult education.I can not say enough about this program!The last school my son went to used TouchMath in thier special education classes.He was able to grasp concepts AND recall them later.The only problem that I can see is that the program might fall out of most families budget.IT IS EXPENSIVE.IE:Kindergar ten Set $639.00(aprox.$100.00 each set if purchased individually),First Grade Set $655.00 (aprox.$125.00 each set),Second Grade Set $655.00 (aprox. $120.00 each set),Upper Grades Set $1795.00(aprox. $399.00 each set),Upper Grades Computation Set $1029.00.Workbooks can be purchased in a set or individually.Our family is DEFINITELY NOT made of money.How we got around this issue was time.We started saving $50.00 a month untill we could afford to purchase the Upper Grades Computation Kit B($399.00).Honestly it is,and was,well worth the expense.Our son has LD and this curriculum-as expensive as it is for us-has produced measurable results.We also team it up with Times Tables The Fun Way(reviewed at this site).Overall it has been a blessing.I should mention my son is 14 years old.When we removed him from public school he was unable to compute even the basic facts,now he is making headway...PRAISE GOD!!