Remembering God's Awesome Acts

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Toni Sawyer

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, July 27, 2005
  • Grades Used: 7
  • Dates used: 9/04 to present
My 13 year old daughter is just finishing up this curriculum. By the author of Considering God's Creation(a science curiculum) this one also is set up with simple but clever and fun activities to teach and reinforce concepts. There are 8 units from Genesis to Moses. It is really profitable for instilling His Story in your children;that the Bible is true historical fact, the people true historical characters. For instance, studying the Tower of Babel, students will do several interesting exercises dealing with the many languages in the world today, clearly instructing that this a result of the Tower of Babel incident. The curriculum consistently points to Christ, including several charts to fill out comparing and contrasting Christ with Joseph, Melchisedek, etc. One section will have your child draw guided portraits of people from different areas of the world, fill out a questionnaire about a country in each area(drawing their flag, a map, a typical post card scene), do a study of a language in that area, etc.
There is a teacher's manual with minimal teacher preparation time needed and much of the book cnn be self-directed, though not set up that way. There are opportunities for your child to learn leadership skills by teaching several lessons to younger children(a Sunday School or homeschool group, for instance) that you first do with him/her so they see how to do it. Very exciting stuff, very line upon line.
It is a consumable softcover. It is a good resource for the study of Egypt and of Egyptian gods and goddesses because they are relentlessly compared to the God of the Bible.
I also have Ancient History:From Adam to Messiah by Robin Sampson, which appealed to the scholar in me, but I have found that in the course of busy, everyday life, God's Awesome Acts is the one that fits us better.
If you use this curriculum, you can expect your child's mind to be directed to the things of God, to learn that Bible study is not separate from History but is in fact His Story, to become grounded in how this world came to be and developed according to God's Word, and to have their imagination stimulated and encouraged by the creative exercises.