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  • Reviewed on Monday, July 25, 2005
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Mom Allison
Dad John
Ds 14 Nathan grade 9
Ds 12 Nicholas grade 7
Dd 9 Rebecca grade 5
Ds 7 Justin (aspergers) grade 3
Ds 5 Brandon kindergarten
Dd 2 Caroline

We home school Monday to Friday, from mid-September to mid-June. We take off a few days for Christmas and 1 or 2 days for Easter.

We run a cattle ranch, so were up early. John, the two oldest boys and myself are up around 4:30. John and the boys go outside to work at around 5 and I get some housework done. I wake up the four younger kids at around 6:00. The other kids play while I have some snuggle time with Justin. John and the boys come in and shower and we have breakfast at 6:45. John goes back outside to work. I get the oldest two started with their online curriculum and start with the younger kids by about 7:30. Caroline colors or plays outside. Rebecca works on math, history, geography and French on her own, but Im there if she needs me. I work on reading, history and math with the two boys until about 10:00, when we take a 15-minute break. Brandon is usually finished by now, so he goes to play with Caroline, or to do some chores outside. I work with Rebecca and Justin on spelling, reading, handwriting and science, until about 12:00. I then make lunch and the younger kids help me. We eat lunch a t about 12:30. The kids do their afternoon chores. The Nate and Nick finish around 3 and the younger kids at about 2. The rest of the afternoon is theirs. Nate and Nick go into town 2 or 3 afternoons a week and the other kids often visit friends or have them over. We eat supper at 6:00 and every night at about 7:00, we all sit down together and take turns reading aloud. Right now we are on Robinson Crusoe. Caroline, Brandon and Justin go to bed at 8:00. Rebecca, Nate and Nick go to bed on their own, but they usually turn in before 10. I clean up a bit and go to bed early.


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, July 20, 2005
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Darrell, chiropractor and home church planter
Cari, mom of seven and hopefully more
Myck, 14
Taylor, 12
Ben, 5
Elli, 3
Hudson, 16 months

Our days are very full! My husband works three days a week, so is home T, Th, which helps me keep my sanity and allows me to run errands with less kids in tow. This is how it goes for us...

6:00-6:15 Kids wake, Have personal devotions (study and comment on Bible passage or verse and listen to Bible on tape for about 20 minutes.) After this they start schoolwork.

7:00 Kids make own breakfast, older ones help younger. Oldest two have kitchen cleanup duty.
D and I wake 6:15-6:30, Have personal devotions, shower, coffee.

7:30 Family Bible time and prayer.

MWF,8:00 D off to work, I get baby up for breakfast. Kids work independently on Singapore math, Phonetic Zoo spelling, Latin roots, Rosetta Spanish, Explode the Code, Reason for Handwriting, Apologia science, and reading Sonlight books. I help each one with math, and listen to Grant read. I do writing with the two oldest and will start with the next two this year as well. This year I will also start Ben on 100 Easy Lessons (reading) Ready, Set, Go for the Code, and Singapore math. I also read to the young ones and tend to their needs.

Tues, 7:00 D takes four oldest out for donuts and they share with him what they have been learning from God's word.
8:00 Family worship and Bible time.
9:00 Independent study as above, with my help as needed.

Thurs, 7:30 take oldest two to co-op for drama, art and research study skills. While they're there I have extended quiet time with God, and maybe stop at the grocery store. D is home with the others doing their school. Piano teacher comes 11:30 and teaches oldest four, 1/2 hr. each.

12:00 Lunch, Bethany and Grant clean up.

MWF 1:00 Continue schoolwork or play if done.
T/Th 1:30 Science with Dad. I will usually run errands during this time and take a couple little ones with.

2,2:30 Read aloud Sonlight history and literature. Look at maps, do our timeline. Wed. kids fold laundry while I read.

4:00 Most are done, oldest sometimes still working. Check emails, pay bills, chores, etc. Start thinking about dinner. (ugh--this is one of my weaknesses, I'm a terrible meal planner)

Monday night D meets with the men of our house church.

Every other Tuesday night we have a young couple over who we are discipling.

Wednesday night I meet with an accountability group (3 of us) We keep each other accountable to read four Bible chapters a day and memorize scripture passages. We also pray together.

Thursday night we have a family over whose husband is a new believer and the wife is not yet a believer. We have dinner then she and I go out for coffee and do a study together.

Friday night is our only regular night with no commitment. Sometimes we'll rent a movie as a family. One night we went out as a family and took a "spiritual survey" among the teens hanging out at the movie theater.

Sat. or Sun. we have home church either at our home or one of three others. We share a potluck meal at 4:00 and then worship and study the Bible from about 5:30-7:30. Our children all participate (we have eight families and 26 kids, ages 0-15) in our worship and study. We are new at this (1 year) and have a vision to grow into a network of house churches, not a bigger church. God is doing amazing things around the world thru house churches, and they are the best way to make disciples, who go out and make more disciples. Not to mention they cost nothing to exist freeing up money for the frontlines of the Kingdom, and they can be reproduced easily and rapidly. We are trying to figure out just how God wants us to do this here in the U.S.

On the day we don't have house church, we have a family day at home or various activities come up.

In their free time my kids play together, dress up, create inventions or crafts, read and play music. My husband and two oldest boys also play guitar and are pretty much self taught.

Well, I've stayed up much too late, but I hope I've been some help to someone. Mind you, not everything gets done every day, but this is how it generally goes. Also, when we are having church or other company, everyone pitches in to clean up the house. For a long time I had a housecleaner come every two weeks, but now my kids are old enough to help, and we get it whipped into shape together.


  • Reviewed on Monday, July 11, 2005
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I am running late this year and am just now ordering my school books-it's already July and they are usually ordered in April or so. Anyhow- as I look at my order I get some idea of how we're going to work this school year. We change every year with changing needs and intrest. So our week looks like this-
Religious meetings- Tuesday night
Thursday night
Sunday morning
Religious study-we do this as a family and on our own- daily text- 8:00 am
study of Daniel- Monday
weekly bible reading- Wed
And Saturday we study as a
family for Sunday
discussion meeting
Music- right now it's on Tuesday at 1:30 Aaron is guitar and I'm trying to get Linden's violin scheduled at the same time

Math- Every morning- using workbooks and Math Made Easy and Dave Ramsey for Kids

English-Every morning- we're doing spelling, daily grammar and handwriting plus units studies(three afternoons a week) on poetry, Summer of My German Soilder, Roll of Thunder hear Me Cry, Building a stronger Vocabulary, and Shakespeare's As You Like It

History and Geography- every week day- Using Around The World in 180 Days

Science- on Thursdays and Fridays- study of human body, science concepts and processes, and creation vs evolution

Other- Music pritical theory- I'll fit it in probably on Thursday or Friday, and sign language- I hope to work on this about 15 minutes every morning.

It looks like Claire will have Storytime at the library on Wednesday mornings and I've ordered Look What I Can Do for when she wants to do school too.
On Monday and Wednesday afternoons we're gonna do volunteer work and fit the gym in the week about four times (hopefully) We like to swim at the gym on Fridays when they have family swim.

So that sounds like a busy schedule- its similar to earlier years so it'll work and we'll adjust as needed.
Have a good year!


  • Reviewed on Sunday, July 10, 2005
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Our day starts by sb waking up at around 8. he plays in his room till we both wake up at around 8:30 or so. (we are both self employed and run an interior design business so we stay up late, i mean late like 2 in the morning doing work.) then we eat breakfast. All together at the kitchen table. WE then head downstairs to our first floor that is street level and go to our offices. We all share a big room with a desk for each of us, and computer. I use abeka so I will start teaching my oldest while sb is either playing or drawing. It has helped by getting the teacher books and all answer keys and tests so that all i have to do is check of what lesson they did and which day. Then all I have to do is check the work. For the most part I teach the children but if dad needs to he will as well assist. This is my second marraige, so the children go to see thier other dad on wednesday till friday, every week. Because of this we homeschool year round with only a few weeks off during major holidays. They also go to school on saturdays or sundays. sometimes because of our business they will not do school for two weeks then we must play catch up . With the typical day we can be done by 1pm We all each lunch together. Go bakc to work and then at about 1 pm they are finished. If we have to do make up then they could be inschool till around 4 pm. Recently I disconnected the cable so that they could not sneek upstairs and get away with watching too much tv. This has been the best thing I have ever done. My son and daughters imagination is incredible. I suggest it to all of you. They are only allowed to watch one show a week at my house. Homeschooling is the best I say because I say when , I say how much and I say if it needs to be even done. If wee have an out of town installation I can either take the kids with us or let them stay with grandma and grandpa who live downthe road from us. Somedays I feel like I am the worst HS mom too. But t hen I get the kick that says you are with your kids it could be much worse. Thanks for reading.