Alpha Omega LIFEPAC Language Arts

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Hailey Ann

  • Reviewed on Thursday, April 11, 2013
  • Grades Used: first grade
  • Dates used: 2012-2013
I was not very excited when I started using Lifepacs this year. They start off really slow. I was not too sure if the content was enough for my child. After teaching first grade and understanding the standards that are expected at a public school level I soon realized Lifepacs completely meet these requirements and beyond. The only thing I wish I would have done differently is order the spelling vocabulary unit through Horizons. The spelling lists Lifepac offers is not combined within the curriculum. I am most likley going with Lifepacs again this year after assessing my first grade son's reading at above a second grade level. I used a San Diego Quick Assessment and Fry's Instant Sight Words lists to determine his level. I may even move up to Horizons since they are a little more advanced. Just make sure you order the spelling/vocab. through Horizons with this program. I was told it was included in the program. Yes, spelling is included but not taught. Anyone can come up with a list of a few words to practice.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, January 27, 2011
  • Grades Used: 3rd
  • Dates used: 2010

I started using LIFEPAC in 2010 and and the end of the school year I was looking for a different curriculum.Pros: LIFEPAC is a great price and you can purchase the entire subject example: math or the individual books up to 10.

Cons: LIFEPAC uses the spiral method, therefore, if you need reenforcement it is NOT something you will want to use.

I switched to BJU Press for 2010-2011 school year and it uses a Master Method with lots of reenforcement and review. It is an excellent curriculum and even my child enjoys the books. BJU is very costly, but worth it. Just get the student text and the teacher answer key that's it.


  • Reviewed on Monday, May 10, 2010
  • Grades Used: 3rd
  • Dates used: 2009-2010
We are just finishing up the 3rd grade Lifepac LA program. When we first began last fall, I was horribly disappointed and began searching for supplementary material. I was sure that the Lifepac was not enough, that ds wouldn't learn what he needed to. Halfway into the year, though, I realized that he really was learning grammar, spelling, penmanship, etc, and that it is a very good program. I especially recommend it to anyone who has a child struggling in LA. I also liked that it is so compact, i.e. one TM for all of LA, instead of one for reading, one for spelling, one for grammar, etc. The additional activity suggestions were very good. The grading is kind of weird, but if you just make sure they are getting the answers right and understand what they are learning, that doesn't really matter.

We are doing something different next year, but for other reasons besides not liking the curriculum. If things do not go well next year, I will certainly be going back to Lifepacs.


  • Reviewed on Friday, March 6, 2009
  • Grades Used: 6th
  • Dates used: 2009
My dd had been using 'Analytical Grammar', was loving it and doing really, really well, but I realized she needed more on the basics when it came to puctuation and more writing.
I purchased SOS language arts for 6th grade and now she absolutely hates it. The idea behind the program is wonderful and we thought that we had found something she would love. The problem came when she answered the questions. For example, when it would ask for her to put down a set of words that were homonyms, she would list all three of the words (pear, pare, pair). It marked it wrong. It wanted her to list them in pairs. Well, this was not stated in the directions. This same type of thing has happened now about 4 times and she stays frustrated.
As far as the rules go- they are not that great. It will give the basic rule and then ask questions that aren't covered and mark the answers incorrect when she guesses.
I have to sit with her constantly to see if the next question was covered in the explanations, then teach it myself.