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  • Reviewed on Sunday, May 7, 2017
  • Grades Used: 9th
  • Dates used: Current
This review is for Monarch which is the SAME content as SOS but easier interface because it's all online.

We used one course this year and the grading, interface, ease of use and even font size were all fantastic.

We chose a bible course and weren't thrilled with the content. One question actually stated that modesty demanded that women wear skirts. Oddly, it was nowhere in the lesson but was the "correct" choice in the "Biblical worldview" unit. The overall content was not bad- it taught that the Bible should be presupposed as a starting point for all worldviews. It almost seems like someone with a strong opinion on, of all things, skirts- stuck that in the answers.

However this has not deterred us. We were so pleased with the ease of use and thorough content, we will be using it for a few subjects for my younger daughter every year. Just make sure you check and override anything the program marked wrong for spelling etc and make sure your student actually DO the projects and written assignments because they are an important aspect of the learning process. You do have to keep up with it every day and keep your student accountable :)

Sally Keen1

  • Reviewed on Friday, July 3, 2015
  • Grades Used: 3 Gr thr 12th Grade
  • Dates used: 1999 - Present
SOS gets an A+ for time saved grading and office work, cost saving, convenience, variety of excellent curriculum, and graduating sought-after students who score EXCELLENT on Standardized tests!

My oldest son used SOS for Sr High and graduated with honors. My 2nd son had used SOS since 3rd grade and just recently was accepted into a Gifted and Talented 2 yr High School program to be 1 of 130 nationwide to be accepted as a Jr. My youngest daughter has been able to work ahead 1.5 yrs. When she last took Indiana state IStep tests she scored in the upper 20%, and she is my weakest pupil. Tho in Indiana state testing is not required, my kids take them just so THEY are assured they are doing well. It boosts their confidence and gives me peace of mind...and it looks good on their transcripts.

My kids work mostly on their own accept for the occasional need for help (I am no where near as smart as them), tho, I do not recommend SOS for parents leaving kids to do totally on their own. When they were in elementary, school only took about 3.5 hrs to do 5 subjects, but Sr High with electives takes 3.5-5hrs.

SOS is great in that parents have final say in grading/scheduling/curriculum units, lesson, tests, to fit what works best for each child. I have never focused on "grades" but "learning" and yes we can and do learn from our errors so, I have always allowed my children to correct errors on lessons/quizes, only grading final Unit Tests. I also school yr round so I am able to change the calender due dates and add or remove lessons as needed if need more or less practice; a lot is repetitive in the lower grades.

One thing to remember is that this is a computer program and is fallible, sometimes marking answers wrong because not written "just right" BUT as I am the teacher I go into lessons daily to check wrong answers because I am allowed to have the final say.
Yes, SOS Q's can be written in a way that challenges one to use reasoning skills, but in my book that is a PLUS. It doesn't get easier in College and I believe this is why my kids scored highest in Reading Comprehension.
Composition is really the only weak area I see since I am required to grade essays (def not my strong point), but you have this in any curriculum I have found, and I HAVE searched, lol.
I love that SOS keeps all my records and attendance I do have to go into Administer portion and mark attendance to get attendance on transcripts. I do this weekly.
If you are new to SOS, I HIGHLY recommend FREQUENT Backups BEFORE AND AFTER you make ANY changes to your program.

Initially, it took me a few hrs to install, program, and assign new grade curriculum but since I am now able to reuse my curriculum I have saved time and money. I have just kept all future needed curriculum on all my computers for future use so I do not need to reinstall. It only takes about an 1/2hr now to set up and assign the next grade. And I simply update the SOS main frame by buying new electives every yr.

SOS has been a HUGE blessing for my family!!! And my kids actually prefer the computer school program to lugging around and storing heavy books which we have tried in the past home school Co Op courses that end up spewed around the house.

Mrs M

  • Reviewed on Sunday, April 12, 2015
  • Grades Used: 3
  • Dates used: 2015
Help please...I have had the grade 3 SOS disks for a couple of years already and now that I've begun using them (2010 Edition) there is so much I don't like about this curriculum I don't know where to begin. Is there much difference between the 2010 Edition and the newer version? Is it worth updating? Thank you in advance for your input!!!


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, October 1, 2014
  • Grades Used: 3rd Grade Bible
  • Dates used: 2014
I felt obligated to share this review, since purchasing software anywhere means NON REFUNDABLE. So we wasted $95ish.

I wanted to sample SOS and had always been curious about it. I have friends that use it in upper grade levels and recommend it. So I felt like using it for one subject would be a nice way to get our feet wet.

My daughter is 8 and is progressing well through a typing curriculum, frequently uses the computer for internet shopping and can use an iPhone better then I can. Technology is no stranger to her. She is also free of any "learning disabilities".

We don't like this curriculum.

It's irritating to try to navigate thru the chapter questions because access to the material is on a split screen alongside the questions. I realize that much of what kids learn these days is in the form of internet- BUT I'd much rather her click literally from one FULL window to the next, then trying to scroll thru HALF screens to read and double check info that she read. You can move the bar up and down some to open it more, but it's still limited. And for review for quizzes (cumulative of different info in different lessons) its cumbersome to click in and out of them. Is there a feature to print the written material that I am missing?? Basically- its too hard to access the facts.

The presentation of the materials is also setup for failure. I don't think it's written in the best way to help reinforce the facts and create a clear understanding. Here's an example of why I think this, straight from the first unit:

True or False?
The bible has been printed in every language.

This can be found in this paragraph:

"Today, God's word is printed in a book called the Bible. The bible is printed in many different languages. People all around the world can read the Bible in their own language. However, there are still many people around the world who are not able to read the bible in their own language because it hasn't been printed in their language yet."

The answer is FALSE.

My daughter is a great reader and understands inferences but IMO this paragraph is poorly written because it sets the reader up to 1st think that the Bible IS IN FACT in every language because it starts by telling you in a few lines how widely used across the world it is....... It leads you to think one thing but then corrects itself to another. It does stuff like this numerous times in the first few lessons. I know details are important- but I'm just saying if I were writing a paragraph to teach this fact- I'd do it differently, Completely subjective, I know.

I don't want trick learning. I want quality. I want her to walk away with a real understanding of what was presented. For us, at age 8, this is program would ultimately teach her more about how to actually operate it and navigate and not so much the content that it aims to teach.

Yes it has a few games linked in and the scope and sequence of the subject is great. And looking at the samples and demo it seemed pretty smooth and fluid- but for us, when we really used it- it was not.

When she gets older, we may revisit this. The Duggar Family uses it after all! So it must be a fit for some.

If you think your kid is more computer savy then mine- I'd encourage you to call Alpha Omega and find some actual way for them to hands on really sample before making the investment. And know for sure before you dive in.