Sonlight Complete Curriculum

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  • Reviewed on Monday, May 12, 2014
  • Grades Used: 6th
  • Dates used: 2013-2014
Hello, I would like to start out by saying this is just my experience with this curriculum and I know that it works great for others, but this is my personal review. I pulled my daughter out of public school because she was usually bored in school, didn't do well with all the time spent on ridiculous drama and was very stressed. She is very intelligent and I felt she was not being challenged enough. She came to me about a year ago telling me all about online school and that she really wanted to look into it. So we did and it looked promising but she wanted to graduate early and we were told that she would not be able to do that with online learning.So we decided we would go with a normal home school curriculum. A nice women at the superintendents office gave us the number of a home school mom that went to her church, so we tried for a couple weeks to get a hold of her. We did reach her eventually and decided to meet with her as well as another home school mom. Both of the moms had a son the same age as my daughter and the first mom had five children that had successfully used the Sonlight program. She had nothing but good things to say about it. The second mom had used it but said it didn't work for her but she did not get a chance to tell us why she did not like it. My husband liked it because it was a Christian program so even though it was a bit pricey we went ahead and purchased it. At first it seemed fine, we were super new to home school. I did notice right away that there was a very large amount of Bible in the curriculum which was great, my daughter was just not used to it. Some of the reading books were not really holding her interest. After about a month of homeschooling I decided to let my daughter skip the Bible studies and just do the main parts of the curriculum. We felt that the science book was not nearly as interesting as it could have been, and that the author was afraid to include more actual science to make sure that your child did not abandon religion. The teachers from her old public school always told me she was an amazing writer yet my daughter was not a huge fan of it because she felt they did too much writing, with Sonlight she has actually started to miss writing essays. My daughter loved taking tests and she feels as though she does not do that often enough. My daughter absolutely loved math, it was her favorite subject, until we got Sonlight. There were a lot of wrong answers in the teaching book, which has made my daughter lose confidence because she has to find out for herself if she is right and the book is wrong or if the book is right and she's wrong. Sonlight has made my daughter confused about certain things in math that she used to excel in. She also feels as if she's barely learned anything. I personally am disappointed with some of the history part of the curriculum especially when the author says she has omitted certain events because they might be disturbing to readers but then goes on to include other gory rituals involving other words I would appreciate her including everything and not making a personal decision about excluding things she believes are inappropriate. A few months ago my family went to visit my husbands family which is halfway across the country from where we currently live and we realized how much we miss it. We have decided to try to sell our house and move out there. Hopefully when we move my daughter will be able to go to the same school she went to in the first grade when we lived there. I decided to call them and request information about their 6th grade curriculum since my daughter will be going into the 7th grade. My daughter has recently been very worried if she will make it into the 7th grade because of Sonlight. I am not worried at all because she is a very intelligent kid but since she is so concerned I requested the information. They were very nice and since their school has gone all tech one of the junior high secretaries simply sent us a link to a site all about the curriculum they use for each grade. They are slightly advanced for a public school I suppose. My daughter checked it for each subject in the sixth grade and is now just trying to finish the Sonlight curriculum so that she can go to the library and get books that would benefit her for the upcoming school year. I hope that anyone that sees my review and is thinking about choosing Sonlight will research more than I did in order to save themselves and their children money and time.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, November 1, 2012
  • Grades Used: pre K core
  • Dates used: 2012
Warning parents.. I just had a really bad & upsetting experience with Sonlight before buying it!!!

I was excited about using them so I went on their web site and tried to pay for pre K core program. I am a working mom with three kids 2,3, & 4. I thought they were just letting me pay in four payments and going to send books in four shipments(its like monthly payments K12 offers and they ship monthly when you pay). Of course with kids crawling around I didn’t read fine print and hit send. My husband is also not working and we are trying to get a mortgage so I have been told not to apply for credit and I would not have hit that button if it had been clear. I called Sonlight/wrote letter and Greg from finance dept called me. He was really cold/not nice on the phone basically accused me of lying when I explained the error. I told him I didn’t realize I was applying for credit and it goes on my credit score as a Christian organization could they give a working mom with three kids the benefit of the doubt and retract it as it was an error. I am trying to buy a home for my kids as we rent. I was not asking for credit at all just that they remove the inquiry off my score at Trans Union as I had mistakely hit a bottom without reading it. He really made me feel like worse than absolute dirt. He was cold and kept trying to twist what I was saying on the phone. Example- I was told he used to work at a condo company and he was shocked at how low your score needed to be to get credit here. I explained I didn’t want credit I just didn’t know that I was applying for it and that I hit a button on my PC with as kid crawling all my lap without reading it. He never said he understood just that its this way or the highway with lots of long silences. I kept having to ask if he was still there or what he was doing. I said we have kids and really liked the program and basically he was accusing me of lying. Not one apology or even encouragement to use Sonlight program for my kids whatsoever.. Just nothing but basically I think you are a lowlife and we don’t care how you hit that bottom you did and we are not going to change a thing even if it was not clear.. He was very condescending . All I can say is WOW!! This is a really sad low for a Christian education company if you treat moms like this..
I can say it was like speaking with a really bad debt collection company. I felt very bad about myself after the call it was a truly terrible experience.
PS this did lower my score and will impact us buying a home and we will have to pay thousands more in interest and I think that will make Greg very happy as he seemed like the sort of person that would enjoy seeing a family suffer..


  • Reviewed on Friday, October 5, 2012
  • Grades Used: P3/4, P4/5
  • Dates used: 2010-2012
I have used Sonlight's complete curriculum for P3/4 and P4/5. I found about half of the materials we loved while about the other half did not interest my children. While I truly enjoy the time we spend together reading and sharing, and am forever indebted to Sonlight for reminding me just how important lots of reading is to young children, I also don't like the feeling that my son is missing something. Big gaps in what I felt he needs to be learning at this age (not multiplication but at least how to write his name, for example) were not being filled with Sonlight. However, I will continue to use many of their materials. I LOVE the SING THE WORD CD's. My 2-year-old can recite all of the books of the New Testament because of these amazing CD's!


  • Reviewed on Thursday, January 26, 2012
  • Grades Used: p 3/4 and some p4/5
  • Dates used: 2009-2011
I bought the p3/p4 curriculum for my three year old daughter as out first venture into homeschooling. Sonlight came highly recommended to me by an acquaintance.
The manual that came with the p3/4 curriculum was very helpful, well laid out, and easy to follow. I appreciated that it came with suggestions for add on activities to reinforce what you were covering that day.
I have also found the staff to be very polite,competent and quick to respond to any questions you may have.
As far as the content of the curriculum goes I was very pleased. The books were excellent picks, many I had not heard of and would not have used had it not been for Sonlight. I continue to use these books with both of my daughers and it has been a great investment in real books for our personal library that we hope to use for many years to come.
The bible stories used realistic pictures and did not talk down to the children. Im not one for excessive sheltering and appreciated that approach. However, some may not like this aspect of the bible story books, so be aware when you order.
Sonlight also introduced us to Usborne books, which my entire family loves, especially my children. We have bought many additional books from them.
For p4/p5 I knew I wanted to try Horizons for math and LA but i did select books off of sonlights website. I would have bought all of them had it not been for budget constraints. I also buy the books, and any other curriculum I use that they provide through them if I can as I want to support their work in putting together such an excellent list of books.
I will definitely be using sonlight in the future (God willing) and would heartily recommend it. If you try it and dont like it their return policy and customer service is some of the best I have ever seen. You really cant lose.
I did notice some reviewers comments on inappopriate content in books or bible stories and I found that when a book contained a theme, like death, it would have a note for the parent in the teacher guide so they would be aware ahead of time. I dont know if that is the case with each story but It was with p3/p4.