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  • Reviewed on Sunday, August 2, 2015
  • Grades Used: K,1,2,7,9
  • Dates used: 2012-present
We are getting ready to start our 19th year homeschooling and fourth with Seton Homestudy. Coming from a more relaxed approach I am LOVING the structure Seton has offered us.

With Seton you can either purchase the books and homeschool on your own, or fully enroll in their accredited program. We opted for the accredited program after running into issues with my now 24 year old and our non-accredited diploma.

Seton, if used as the lesson plans are written in the accredited program is intense and rigorous. It is also VERY academically sound. I feel my son who just completed their 9th grade course already has at least the education my two sons who graduated had upon graduation, and he still has three more years to go!

The books are all high quality and absolutely beautiful with Catholic artwork throughout. For those who are faithful Catholics, you will appreciate the Catholicity throughout. These are not textbooks with a Bible verse splashed here and there, these are FULLY and VERY Catholic. My family recently converted to the Catholic faith, which is why we began using Seton, but at one point we almost didn't convert, but felt we would continue with Seton anyway as we felt the quality of the education was THAT good!

We've tried other structured, packaged curriculums but nothing in my opinion has come close to comparable to the quality of education in the Seton program.

The lesson plans are what really pulls the program together. If followed to the letter it could be very overwhelming. I suggest using them more as guidelines and pick what will work best for your students. Especially in the upper grades the lesson plans for subjects like writing are incredible! They take students step by step through the writing process. The writing portions are challenging, but even by 9th grade my son was working on assignments that were on par with what my college student was doing! This is also where being fully enrolled is invaluable. The teachers/graders grade the assignments, taking the pressure off mom and offer valuable feedback on each assignment.

I will say, that at times the grading of assignments seem to take a VERY long time and I am frustrated with that. Sometimes weeks to over a month. This area is the only complaint I have with the whole program. I think a faster time for grades and feedback would be beneficial to the student and parent/teacher.

Expense...are you kidding me? This is the lowest priced while being the most quality education I've seen in any program. I believe I pay roughly 600 dollars a YEAR, for the FULL program which includes all books, lesson plans AND the teacher/graders, accreditation, record keeping, the full enchilada! I've paid more than that for books alone in other programs and was left to wing it in regards to lesson plans.

If you're looking for a rigorous, traditional, textbook based, CATHOLIC program, I HIGHLY recommend Seton Homestudy!

Country Mouse

  • Reviewed on Tuesday, April 7, 2015
  • Grades Used: 11th
  • Dates used: 2013 - 2015
We have used Seton for our 11th grade curriculum. The teacher keys are horrible. There is missing or confused information in them along with just being flat out disorganized. My daughter enjoyed American History and the Religion class. She got burn out with the English and American Literature courses. It is essay after essay and a lot of uninteresting reading. Some of it was good but most not so much. I guess all of the writing is good in preparation for college. At least the geometry has been Saxon.

The mother is below is right. It is hard sometimes to get a response. It depends on who or what department you are contacting with your question. I'm glad the grades are posted online because we have gotten ONE report card during the entire time she's been enrolled.

The curriculum is very expensive and even more so when considering the service or lack there of that we have received. We are wrapping up 11th grade and moving on. She is looking forward to it because we have obtained a much more organized and interesting curriculum for 12th grade.


  • Reviewed on Monday, March 2, 2015
  • Grades Used: 6th
  • Dates used: 2014-2015
While this curriculum seems wonderful, it is very involved. A child would have to sit in the house for 10 hours a day to actually complete the daily lessons. It's very very DRY. We spent many days of crying in which I finally had to throw in the towel. I have come to the conclusion that my child needs a bit more exciting material and interactive. Not book after book. Even the reading books were so difficult to get through.

As for their service, they are horrible. It takes weeks to get any response on email. Weeks to get any papers graded. Once you buy the product they are done with you. Once we decided to unenroll (don't enroll! Not worth the money) and tried to see if we could recoup any of the $700 back. They I formed me to send back the books... Yet you still owe the whole tuition (we did the payment plan). Why on earth would I send back the books then??? So beware!!! You will not get your money back.

The other thing about this curriculum is it's VERY catholic. Every single aspect. Even to the spelling. I'm sorry but more then half the words and sentences didn't make sense because it was so religious. I think of myself as a catholic... But this goes beyond! I think people are afraid to give bad reviews on this curriculum if they had a bad experience with it. I sure wish I had read some of those reviews.

I definitely do not suggest this curriculum for students transitioning from public school to homeschool especially!! I can see how it can work for kids in 1st grade and this is all they know... Then they can be prepared to accept dry curriculum throughout the later years.


  • Reviewed on Friday, February 15, 2013
  • Grades Used: 1st, 3rd, 5th
  • Dates used: 2012-2013
This is my first year homeschooling, and I have to say, I researched almost every Catholic curriculum out there. I at first fell in love with CHC, then got disenchanted with it's lack of challenge and soft-style, touchy-feely learning. Then, many of my new HS friends were using Mother of Divine Grace, and I looked at them very seriously, but found out that I'm not the Classical Curriculum kind of person. I love their history though, I think reading about something in a book is a better way to learn than just facts. I will probably buy or check out some of those books for my children so they can read about history more. However, when it came right down to it, I could SEE that Seton had it all.. lots of help, an accredited curriculum that I could adjust when needed, and enough work for my previously bored 3rd grader, and yet adjustments for my math-challenged 5th grader. My first grader can even finish his work by 11:30 am most days, and that's a full load! But, that's enough for him.

I know that you are on this site looking for something that will fit your child, and it all seems overwhelming. BEEN THERE! I want you to know that if you do Seton, just for one year, you will find that your children are receiving a better curriculum than the schools are giving out right now, and you will see their skills grow quickly. If you stick with them, you'll see that you can tailor their curriculum a lot more than some people say.

What scared me off initially from them were how many people say that Seton gives too much work. This is true. They have a LOT you COULD do, but what you need to know is that it doesn't ALL need to be done. For example... My 1st grade son at first was flying through his spelling book, so each week I would have him read the words, take the test, and be done for the week. I might have him do one of the pages for that week besides the test. But, all of a sudden, the words were more challenging, so he NEEDED the extra pages to practice with word triangles, or putting the words in ABC order so that he could practice. So, the workbook got used more again. This is how Seton works. If the workbook HELPS, use it. If it's just becoming busy-work, skip it, and just make sure the lessons are understood.

Moreover, I like that the work is challenging. I don't think that if something is difficult we should just find another easier curriculum, it might mean that there's something I need to supplement, or find ways to work with that subject a bit more, because they have to learn it eventually. That's life! I also know that I can work with Seton to find another good fit for my child. For instance, I have an IEW program at my homeschool co-op that I want to enroll my daughter in, and I'm pretty sure if I call them, she can do that work instead of some of the written work she currently has, and for a grade. If not, I can enroll with them subject by subject. Either way, I know that it'll work out.

Finally, I like that for Art, I can use my co-op's art, and that's fine for my teacher grade. I can use music lessons for music, and PE is the grade I give my kids when they join soccer or other physical activities. They give lesson plans because they must, to be accredited, but you can use them at-will. You are still the teacher!

Good luck, and God bless!