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  • Reviewed on Saturday, February 17, 2018
  • Grades Used: 9-10
  • Dates used: 2016-2018
We are currently having an excellent experience with American School. I started homeschooling my son in the 7th grade. Starting in the ninth grade, I wanted the peace of mind of an accredited school with an official diploma and transcripts. I wanted the traditional high school basics as a core program that we could supplement with courses that supported interest led learning for my son. We chose the college preparatory track. The courses are available with textbooks, and study guide/workbooks. Some courses are available as online courses. The exams are available as paper based or online. We have found the courses challenging. There are some easier courses in the 9th and 19th grade such as Career Planning, and Psychology. These courses were still valuable, and provided much useful information. The Writing 1 and Writing 2 courses are excellent! My son had taken rigorous grammar in 8th grade, and was very prepared to write. The 10th grade Biology course is very challenging, and it was great to be able to supplement with labs to correspond with course, and to order the complete lab supply packages through the school. The exams are all open book, and honestly, I was concerned about this in the beginning. I was wondering how this method could truly prepare my son for college. The American School has this very figured out as the student must understand the information and apply it to pass the exams. These are long, comprehensive exams. I am very active and engaged in my sons education each day. I don’t feel this is a true self directed course. It requires good planning, engaged progress monitoring, and discussion of concepts by the parent as a teacher. I hired a tutor to help with Algebra which I am not comfortable teaching. The exams are filled out online, or on paper and mailed. They are returned graded with comments. I have called the school several times to discuss certain subjects, and an instructor has called me back within the hour. I do feel like the self directed nature of the courses do encourage and foster learning independence. I say this, but I do make sure I am close, and check in (monitor) my sons work progress during the day. This curriculum would not work very effectively if I was not engaged each day. We have a daily check list to stay on track. I help my son to plan the work load.. These are all keys to this curriculum’s success. There are a couple of issues; the college prep math track is not rigorous enough for the university requirements for our state. We have remedied this by doubling up for one year, and working it out so we will make sure to get Algebra 2 before he graduates (they offer, but it is not required.) The other is the lab course book for Biology is a little confusing since they have had a textbook change, but not a lab book revision. With some calls, we were able to figure it out, Overall, this curriculum is challenging. It is such a plus to have the online progress reports available in the student center online, and to have the peace of mind of American School maintaining records, transcripts, etc. I wanted to write this review because I found very few positive reviews online when I was exploring high school homeschooling curriculum options. Fortunately, my sister had graduated both her boys from American School, and they were very prepared for, and graduated with honors from college. If you are looking for an established, challenging, accredited curriculum that covers the basics, a curriculum that is not too expensive, and one where you don’t have to put your own transcript together, American School is a good option to consider.


  • Reviewed on Saturday, April 15, 2017
  • Grades Used: 9th-12th
  • Dates used: 2013-2017
Do not subject your child to this hoax. I am a former high school Communication Arts teacher. My son has been plugging away at the incredibly boring material all this time. He is nearly finished. However, he is now working on Art - specifically drawing animals. Every single piece of work that he has sent in for this course has been sent back. There is a very real possibility that he will not receive his diploma because his donkey is too lumpy, his dog doesn't have enough shadows, etc.
I called to attempt to drop this class and substitute another, but of course no one is there on a Saturday (when most people who work have the day off to deal with this sort of thing). I don't even know how many hours my son has spent on these stupid drawings. It isn't right that a student should be unable to graduate because he's not an artist. If he was in public school, he wouldn't be getting an A in Art but he also wouldn't be worrying about not graduating over a lumpy donkey. I detest this program. Words fail to adequately express my regret over enrolling my son in American School.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, January 24, 2017
  • Grades Used: 10th-12th
  • Dates used: 2015-2017
Do NOT enroll in this school unless you are a rich and extremely self-motivated genius that does not need help with school work. If that is who you are, then this "school" will probably be okay for you. However, if you are like me and most other average teens across America and probably the world, then you will most likely need some help from a teacher from time to time. You will not get that from The American School. Their curriculum is quite advanced, almost college level and for the most part I got good grades (A's and B's), but some subjects I found very difficult. I had to take an algebra course that I really struggled with. Three or four separate times I contacted the email that was given if you needed help with math, every single time, the only help I would get was a terse listing of the pages in the textbook that explained the problem in question and a brief explanation that was even less helpful than the textbook. Another huge problem with the school is that they charge you for every single, little thing that you want to change, and those charges aren't cheap. I had to change an elective that I was having a hard time with and again could get no help with. $100. Just to change a course. I wanted to try simply changing a course to an online one, that would've been $60. Now, I readily admit, I sometimes need things explained to me more than some kids, but only in math and sometimes science, but that's what schools are suppose to be there for and The American School never, in any way, fulfilled that. I, and my both my parents, have been very, very unsatisfied and upset with how the school runs. It's customer service can be rude sometimes and the system itself is archaic. I do not recommend this school in any way! There are much, much better home school options and many of them are free. I have thrown close to $2000 down the drain for an education that stifled my creativity, didn't help me with courses I found very difficult, and frankly, made me depressed and stressed out. Please, please consider these facts if you're thinking of enrolling in this school. I can say, without hesitation, choosing this for my last couple years of high school was the worst mistake I ever made!


  • Reviewed on Sunday, January 11, 2015
  • Grades Used: 10-11th
  • Dates used: 2013-2014
Please do your research and stay far away from this organization. I specifically do not call them a school. My Daughter attended the "organization" for her Sophomore and part of her Junior year. She realized how much she missed the social aspect of going to public school. When we informed them we would no longer be taking their courses, they literally held my daughters transcripts ransom. We had paid them $500 but they wont release a SINGLE, (I'm not asking for all) class transcript unless paid another $600. Not only that, but upon reentering public school, the "education" she had been receiving from them was found to be so sub par my daughter had to take 9th grade classes to catch up. They are not educators, just money collectors. Their customer service is non existent, including their "Principal". They also go to great extents to delete any negative comments. If you truly value your child's educations, please look elsewhere.

UPDATE!!! Not only is the school scam, but so are their accreditations! Try contacing them and all you will get are dead emails. !! Try reaching anybody at MSA-CESS! All bogus emails!
Straight from Amecrican Schools website!!