The Homeschool Daily Planner for Curriculum

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Mary from FL

  • Reviewed on Friday, May 27, 2005
  • Grades Used: ALL GRADE LEVELS
  • Dates used: 2005
The Homeschool Daily Planner! I LOVE IT!

I just got it today and for the first time in 8 years it was exactly
what I wanted. I can't tell you how many Grand planners I have tried
and failed at. I have The Garden Patch of Reproducibles and for me
it just had way to MANY choices. The ones I have bought from school
supply stores were ok but I always had to tweak them to make them
homeschool friendly. Within the tweaking and to many choices it just
was hard to follow thru. THIS planner is PERFECT, no tweaking
required. It must have been written by a HS'ing mom. This is
affordable and easy.

Here is how it's laid out....,

First of all it's a normal size book 8 1/2 x 11 laid out SIMPLY in a
spiral binding. It reminds me of why I love paces. Simple and all in
one place. One book is usable for 4 children. If we have more children
I'll just buy two books, grin!

Here is the order in which it is laid out. In the very beginning it

1) It starts with complete calendars from 2002 to 2009 so that you can
look ahead and plan. (they are minimized so that there are 4 years to
one page)

2) Cover page where you write in YEAR (2005) and Children's Names and
Dates of birth

3) FILL IN THE BLANK Calendar for THIS school year. Starts with
August and goes thru July. (I'll use this for field trips and to keep
track of days we school)

4) It has 4 Any Curriculum Used sheets (one per child) that you
list ALL the curriculum you are using for THAT child. At the top it
has a place for their name and the year.

5) It has 4 Books Read sheets front AND BACK (enough for 82 books
per child to be listed) Date read/Title/Author of books that you read
a loud to THEM or that they read for themselves.

6) It has 4 sheets front AND BACK (one per child) of Extra
Curricular Activities A place where you can list sports, music
lessons, field trips, homeschool activities.

7) It has 4 sheets front AND BACK (one per child) of TEST SCORES
more then enough for an entire school year. Where you can list weekly
test scores but my favorite part of this is that on the back it has a
place where you list the GPA's for each quarter then the average for
semester then the final yearly GPA. (this is what I'll need for my
transcript and it is super simply laid out)

THEN..., more then HALF of the book is for Daily lesson plans!

8) **FAVORITE** Daily lesson plans. When the spiral bound book is
open there are fairly large blocks for Monday thru Friday (Monday on
the top and Friday on the bottom) you can see all 4 children if you
have your book lying open. Child's name simply goes at the top and
then you fill in what they did under the day.

Now I think there is plenty of room even if your adding unit study type
things but this same family offers a plan book that would use the
journaling method specifically for a unit study, project based

I hope I didn't bore you with to many details but every year I try
something new because I can't find what I want and can't articulate
exactly what I'm looking for. Then I opened this and I realized here
is a homeschool mom who gets it! (smile)