Vocabulary Cartoons

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  • Reviewed on Monday, April 18, 2016
  • Grades Used: 8th
  • Dates used: 2015-2016
I bought the Kindle version of Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power for my son to do instead of spelling and it was great. It was a very enjoyable, painless way to learn vocabulary and he did very well with learning and retaining it. He did ten terms per week, with the quiz on Fridays, and it only took 30 weeks. Quick and effective!


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, March 9, 2011
  • Grades Used: 3rd-8th
  • Dates used: 2010- ??
We always struggled with the language arts because it seemed like every curriculum we came across put too much unnecessary emphasis on drill and memorization. Those programs did not work for my kids. They

We discovered Vocabulary Cartoon approximately a year ago and it has been a true godsend.It is amazing how much my kids learned by just looking at the pictures and reading the text. The Elementary Edition includes some rather "simple" words that my children already knew as well as ones they were completely unfamiliar with.

Let me attempt to explain what the pages look like. The word is on top of the page, followed by the pronounciation, definition and a "link" word that sounds similar. Next comes a cartoon relating to both the word and link word. For example the link word for chattel is cattle, so the cartoon shows a cowboy branding his cow (who's face is scrunched up in pain), with the words "This here's Tex Smith's chattel". Then there is some text underneath the cartoon followed by more serious examples of the words usage.

My daughter reads well enough, but she gets frustrated when she sees a big page filled with small print text so this is perfect for her. We now use the words in the Elementary Edition as dd's spelling words and her spelling is constantly improving.


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, April 1, 2009
  • Grades Used: 12
  • Dates used: 2008-2009
This is a great resource for vocabulary. My oldest has a learning disability so VC has been a blessing. Each chapter is organized alphabetically with ten words each. Each word has a funny picture and sentences to associate the word to its meaning. This really helped my son remember these words. At the end of each chapter, there is a 10 problem multiple choice and 10 problem fill in the blank review. I use these for quizzes and I require him to write the definitions to at least two words per day. By the end of the week, he knows all 10 words and we quiz on the following week after a quick review. You can go at your own pace since there isn't a teacher's manual. It's just a vocabulary book. HTH


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  • Grades Used: 1st
  • Dates used: 2008-9
Wonderful way to learn vocab. I am using this with my first grader and my 3yo and 5yo sit in while I introduce the new word for the week. Yesterday I decided to go over the past words and gave the little ones a chance to answer first. They remembered the bulk of them, some from months ago! My first grader barely got a chance to answer any of them since her little sisters remembered all but one. A fun and easy way to learn.