Where the Brook and River Meet

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  • Reviewed on Monday, August 16, 2004
  • Grades Used: 7-12
  • Dates used: 2004 (also 2000)
Where the Brook and River Meet
By Margie Gray
Girls grades 7-12

Revised and expanded 2004. Regular book binding, a steal at $45 for 536 pages. I suggest covering it with clear Contact paper since it will receive much use.

Prepare for an adventure with Anne of Green Gables on Price Edward Island, which includes the Victorian Era, and British literature. If your daughter(s) love(s) Anne as much as we do, enjoy poetry, good books, Christian values, homemaking and learning in general, she(they) will most likely enjoy Where the Brook and River Meet (WBRM).

Credits earned:
Bible/religion/character 1
Literature/langage arts 1
Social studies (mostly world history) 1
Economics 1/4
Fine arts 1/4
Occupational Education (homemaking type activites) 1/2
Physical Education 1/2

I hesitated on commmenting on the art in the new WBRM because my daugher is the contributor of the first four pictures. But I felt that I would do an injustice to WBRM as a whole, by not mentioning the art, and to Margie's talented daughters who contributed the last five pictures. There are a total of nine black/white pictures/sketches; one for each of the nine units. They add pleasure to the study. This book also has a new background on the cover, but the origional picture of the girl sitting beside the waters, reading a book in the woods was kept. I love the new background and I am glad the photo was kept as it is precious and captures the essence of Anne.

At the beginning of the book you will find reading contracts for literature, history, Bible, and occupational education. These are to be worked on throughout the year. The contracts for each subject list certain books to choose from in order to receive a *C* grade. If the student desires a *B* she would do additonal books listed in the *B* contract, and the same for an *A* grade. More is required for a higher grade. These are in additon to the daily activites that are in the lessons.

Each of the 9 units are divided into approximately weekly chapters. There are weekly Planning Guides that tell you what books, videos, items, or field trips would be useful; and also what research topics are covered. The Planning Guides also list memory verse references. The newly revised and expanded editon has assignment charts that assist in planning out the reading contracts listed above. And for folks like myself the Suggested Schedule Charts offer much appreciated assistance by listing daily assignments for each day so I don't have to organize them myself. These are not written in stone, but are there for those who desire a *plan*. There is also a worksheet at the beginning of a few of the chapters.

Each chapter in the guide begins the week with reading of a chapter or two in Anne of Green Gables (Book 1). There are comprehension questions, dictation passages, and vocabulary activities that go with the reading. Next, you move on to the activities to be done throughout the week. These will include the various subjects mentioned above, but not neccessarily cover each subject each week. It all depends on what is discussed in Anne that week. Activites will come in the form of writing, grammar (both with the aid of Writer's Inc), research, memorization, reading, sewing, arts, crafts, cooking, flower arranging and more.

The appendices begin on page 327. These are very useful and contain: Background Information, Activities (directions and recipes), Quizzes and Exam, Answers, Locating Resources, and Topics Covered.

I have heard a complaint in the past concerning the original WBRM; some saying that it was not suitable for highschool. This is simply not true of the original and it is even less true of the revised editon. This is a very thorough and enjoyable unit study. Your child will earn the credits mentioned above while having fun doing it. Just add a science, math and Latin and you are good to go. My daugher loves WBRM very much. I give it a A+++.