U.S History through Children's Literature

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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, September 23, 2003
  • Grades Used: 4-8th
  • Dates used: 2000
This unit study/theme unit approach to history is really neat and well worth the price.. their site summary of the book is really not doing this book any justice..
The program uses wonderful readers like light in the forest, courage of sarah noble, sign of the beaver, I sailed with columbus, phoebe the spy, and so forth (59 different books in all)..
there are 9 main chapters/units, with each including 6 or more of the 59 books to read that come with an introduction/author section/acitivities/discusision questions/vocabulary lists..each unit has a 1] Bibliography section that includes loads of other extra books to read with a brief description, 2] theme resources section that includes loads of resources like videos/magazines/thematic units/films/computer/etc, and 3] end of unit celebration section that may include recipes for that time period/research projects suggestions/extra activities to do/etc..

there is a lot of stuff in this 228 page book and it covers from the Colonial Period to World War II.. this unit studies book is geared towards grades 4-8 and can easily be used with all grade levels by simply making the questions easier for the little ones and reading the books with them.. this is like using TRISMS or sonlight but easier to use and a lotttttt cheaper.. $25 new is what this book goes for and I doubt anyone that loves unit studies or a literature approach to history will feel they wasted their money at all..

there is another book after this one that covers post world war II but I haven't seen it yet.. there is also a world history one and other like writing that all use children's literature as the base of the program.. really neat..

U.S. History through Children's Literature: From the Colonial Period to World War II by Wanda J. Miller.. 1997 Teacher Ideas Press.. ISBN 1-56308-440-6

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