The Plain Book of Homeschooling

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Alice Robertson

  • Reviewed on Thursday, January 10, 2002
  • Grades Used: all
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The Plain Book of Homeschooling, Volume 1 by Ann Crum

Written by a homeschool mom, the book provides encouragement and inspiration for new homeschoolers, information about homeschooling, and a sampling of Unit Studies and Bible Studies written by the author.

Mrs. Crum has been homeschooling her children since January of 1998, and has gleaned much from her own experiences and by researching the homeschool movement. She writes and homeschools from a strictly Christian worldview.

The book is a no-frills guide which is at present being published at home. Printed in black and white, it comes with pre-punched holes so that it will go into any standard binder.

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