Saxon Phonics Intervention

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Karen Brandenburg

  • Reviewed on Sunday, April 17, 2005
  • Grades Used: 4th Grade-Adult
  • Dates used: Spring 2003
We bought Saxon Intervention Home Study Kit as a last measure to improve our daughters reading skills. Though she loves to read, she struggles with phonics, and after reading a positive review from an educator here on this website,we decided to try it. What we found was a very dry, boring curriculum that required much repetition of sounds and words that she already knew. We ended up giving up using the curriculum altogether! If I had found them when she was small, I would have used Dick and Jane instead, because that was the way I learned to read, and I love to read!

Daisy Casillas

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, March 19, 2003
  • Grades Used: 4th to Adult
  • Dates used: Sept 2002 - current

This 100 lesson program that we are finishing up is wonderful. My son, who is severely HARD-OF-HEARING (aka deaf), was 10 years old and still not an independent reader. He was barely successful with Explode the Code, but THIS is what worked. It is incremental and reviews and builds upon previous concepts. This is not just phonics instruction -- there is NO NEED to have a SPELLING or VOCABULARY program in addition to this program. The lessons include sight words and spelling words daily based on the phonics lesson. In addition, one new vocabulary word based on the phonics instruction is introduced with each lesson, practiced daily, and reviewed periodically so the student doesn't forget. Also, students begin to read one sentence, then two sentences, etc. (very incrementally larger), until they are reading whole page stories in each lesson.

I thought my son would have a problem with the coding involved to figure out new words, but it turned out that this is exactly what he needed to succeed -- concrete rules for figuring out such a complex language as English!

My son's reading is now almost up to grade level which is outstanding for a deaf/hard-of-hearing child! He is reading constantly without my pushing him! In bed, in the bathtub, everywhere! I'm having to force him to stop reading and go to bed!!! If it worked on my deaf son, I believe it can work for anyone. GREAT PROGRAM!!!!