MECS (Montessori Educational Software)

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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, December 1, 2004
  • Grades Used: pre-k-adult
  • Dates used:
I have very many young children, three of them are starting to read at the same time. I needed something easy, non-teacher intensive, but with a STRONG phonics base. I've always admired the Montessori method, and the Montessori method seems to produce very well educated children. I trusted the Montessori lessons, and for someone to have put them into a software program is just incredible!

I have no idea why this program is not more well known and used in homeschooling circles. Anyway, all three of the children that began this just 7 months ago, are on the way to becoming fluent readers. The only thing that I have to do, is set up their lesson on the computer. We are a non-tv, non-video-game household, yet I have no quams with the children learning with the MECS software. The lessons presented are exactly as they are presented in a Montessori classroom.

My children like their lessons, and there is nothing else that I would change or add about the phonics program. If only other homeschoolers knew how easy it could be to teach their children to read using this method. I think especially about all of the very large families, where mom has little time to sit and teach. It truly is like having a personal tutor in the home.

It was worth every penny,and I would have gladly paid more, considering it has been a lifesaver to me. I'm looking forward to using it for my other children (and even grandchildren) when they get a little older. 5 stars!!!!!!!!!