Know your ABCs cards

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Christine Montano

  • Reviewed on Monday, July 15, 2002
  • Grades Used: ages 3-7 (publisher states)
  • Dates used: summer 2002
This is a set of cards, 5x7, laminated, in color. Each card has on the front: a large upper case letter and the lower case letter. There is a larege 2-3 photo of an object that starts with that letter. The word is then written in all lower case on the bottom. The photos are good quality and remind me of the DK Publisher photographs.

On the back of each card is a oarge 2-3 shaded letter in cursive with tracer outline markings and steps next to it to indicate the stroke numbers. There are then (in black and white) three small illustrations and three words Q= queen, quiet (library scene) and quail).

There is one card for each letter. There are 6 cards with little activities on each side which letter is missing from the alphabet, which lower case is next to incorrect upper case, etc.

I am most impressed with the visual appeal of the colors and nice photographs, of the use of both upper and lower case letters on same card, and the large size.

The downside is that these cannot be used for games (i.e. go fish) , but mostly for flash cards and for discussion. The use of the cards is somewhat limited and there are not many suggestions for activities provided by the publisher.