The Complete Book of United States History

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  • Reviewed on Friday, April 27, 2007
  • Grades Used: 4th-5th
  • Dates used: 2006-present
This is a great book. So great in fact, that it is what I used for my curriculum this year (4th) and for next year (5th), however I did supplement with living books from the library. I simply used the book as my spine and went from there. At each unit, we dove a little deeper into the content. We also created a timeline and worked on notebooking, simply usig this book and library books.

The book cost about $15, but check out a Sam's or Costco, you can get a better deal there. The books states Grades 3-5, and it is right on target.

The book has 10 Units ranging from : The first Americans and then to Unit 10, New Frontiers (1950-present). It is a storytelling format, has full-color photograpghs and time lines.

The best way to utilize this book is to use ALL of it, meaning to do the activities and projects that it suggests, otherwise, you would only be skimming over the topics, not learning. For example, when we discussed the Pilgrims, Mayflower,etc., the activity was to have child make a packing list of what to take to the New World, only what would fit in a backpack. Then have the child actually pack their backapack. We did this, it was fun and I took pictures and kept her list in her notebook.

This is a fun book. You can add to it as much as you wish. For example when using Unit 4- A new Nation is Born....we will really dig deep into The Constitution, Dec. of Independence, Washington and so on. Not just a couple pages of discussion. So, like I stated I use it as my spine and it helps to keep DD interested and involved. I really do like the activites and DD does too. Right now we are finishing up studying about the Missions of the Southwest, and we are currently building a wattle-and-daub house...Too fun!

Even for review, this book is so worth the money.
Hope this helps..

Baker Family

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, March 23, 2005
  • Grades Used: Grades 3-5
  • Dates used:
We love this book! It has about 70 lesson full of interesting facts! We figured it out to be apx 2 lessons a week throughout the school year. Each lesson starts with reading about 2-4 pages about a specific topic and then there's a fun activity to do at the end of each one. For instance, one topic included the draft for WWII. At the end, it prompted the child to make a poster to encourage people to join the army. The pages are very colorful, with great pictures. And the lessons are told in a story foramt. I was afraid of getting a curriculum for fear that it might be too dry or boring, but this one is excellent!