Hold That Thought History timeline cut-outs on CD-ROM

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Jill MN

  • Reviewed on Monday, September 27, 2004
  • Grades Used: K-12
  • Dates used:
I recently purchased 4 CD-roms that have literally hundreds of pages that are wonderful for notebooking - each page has pictures of people and/or events, and lined spaces for narrations and/or reports. There are also draft pages of many categories, with helps/narration prompts to use in writing the narrations/reports.

The ones I purchased are:
History Vol. 1 (pages cover ancient history through European exploration), History Vol. 2 (European exploration, US and modern world history), Intermediate Bible History Sheets, and Intermediate Church History Sheets. Each of these CDs has a very user-friendly format, and include complete, easy-to-navigate indexes, arranged chronologically. I can see that we will make great use of these sheets!! I have tried to come up with obscure people/events, and so far, I cannot come up with ANY that are not included on these CD-Roms! I am in the process of printing out the (long!) lists of what people, events, maps, charts, forms, etc. are included, so that I can make the best use of them. The printout pages are absolutely top-quality - very clear, good-size lines for writing on - grades 3 & up (HoldThatThought also has similar sheets available for K-2 grade students, with wider-spaced lines) and top-notch, accurate line-drawing pictures (which your students can color with colored pencils if they want to add extra color to their notebook pages) Of course, I'm a bit more excited about these than my kiddos are (they're a tad worried about the extra writing they think they might do), but I really do think that once they start to accumulate some of these great-looking pages in their history notebooks, that they enthusiasm will grow. ;)

I think these CD-roms/resources would make a fine addition to any curriculum, but especially those pursuing a classical education and/or those who do notebooking. These are definitely going to be one of my most well-used tools in our homeschool! (Probably right up there with my Garden Patch of Reproducible Planning & Educational Worksheets, which I LOVE!)

Blessings, Jill