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  • Reviewed on Sunday, August 28, 2005
  • Grades Used: All
  • Dates used: 2004-present
I read the first four books of Wisdom's Way of Learning last year after reading excerpts in Senior High Formula by Barb Shelton. Personally, I found them to really be eye-opening. If you are searching for more in your homeschooling adventure and desire to really train your children in the wisdom of the Lord first and foremost, these books will be very encouraging to you.
I took away a renewed vision for the wisdom of the Lord being the priority in our training and education in our home. We aren't doing everything the way her family has but I don't think that is the message. I feel as though the overriding message is to seek the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord and "all these things" will be added unto you.
I plan to reread the booklets this fall and am expecting to draw even more insight from a second read through.


  • Reviewed on Saturday, August 20, 2005
  • Grades Used: K-12
  • Dates used: 1999-present
We have loved Marilyn Howshall's writing and have found it invaluable and worth every penny (especially since I don't have to spend $100s of dollars on curriculum textbooks following her wisdom). I first found out about her from Barb Shelton's books and website and her freeing message about lifestyle learning. I was very nervous when I was planning for high school for my oldest student, but after reading Wisdom's Way of Learning along with Form-U-La for high school, I realized that we could continue our unit based, lifestyle learning using living books and everyday experiences all the way through high school. What a blessing it has been.

When my oldest graduated and headed off for college we were both a little nervous about how she would do in a traditional classroom setting after having such a non traditional schooling. But she got straight As in all tough core classes and found herself to be much more prepared and competent than many of her public school peers. WWOL help teens take control of their learning experience with parental guidance and following the Holy Spirit's leading, so our students are competent in making their own plans to complete projects without a teacher looking over their shoulders which is more like the college setting. They have also learned how to research and to find their passion in every subject and run with it.

With some creativity my daughter was able to apply the WWOL/LOL principles to her college assignments. Having learned to be her own woman was especially helpful with her anti-Christian, anti-family English teacher. She had not been trained by curriculum just to read the chapter and follow the directions, but to think about things in her own way. This allowed her to follow the letter of the assignements, but find her own spirit in her interpretations of them, and get good grades.

I am thankful for Marilyn's writing all these years and that we found them and have been able to implement these ideas in our children's education.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, July 28, 2005
  • Grades Used: All
  • Dates used:
When I first read Marilyn Howshall's writings, they were all contained in 1 great spiral bound book (no longer sold, but once in awhile can be found on ebay). It contained not only the 4 booklets, but most of the other booklets she's written -- including Katherine's bird book. I would say that each one booklet = 1 chapter in her WWOL book.

Now called LOL (Lifestyle of Learning, not Laugh Out Loud, as we use lol for), you get just a small fraction of what was in the WWOL book and you pay a whole lot more money. And the writing makes less sense. These little booklets, as stated below by someone else here, are not worth what little information is contained in them.

To her credit, Marilyn Howshall has (or had -- this has been 4 years ago) good newsletters. They are not as dry as the 4 booklets with the strange titles, such as: Unit of Life Learning Model; Seasons: God's Time Design; The Art, Science, and Tools of Learning; and the 4th booklet which I can't remember the name of (something about a Child's Life Message). The titles, as well as the writings within, are strange -- and I am a very educated person. I read difficult books all the time. The newsletters are much more practical (or they used to be; I haven't seen any for a few years).

This "method-less method" was introduced to me by a lady in town who had young girls. I've watched them grow up. At age 11 they could not read much or tell time, and now they are nearly grown and I see no signs of intelligence in the girls. Very sweet, yes! Godly girls, but extremely ignorant about everything except the latest fashions and the Bible. And their behavior in general is just very... odd. I find Katherine Howshall to be a bit odd as well, so this kind of homeschooling must turn out this kind of person.

In my opinion, Dorothy Sayer's writing, "The Lost Tools of Learning" is much more useful, and is not very long. I am afraid I cannot recommend Marilyn Howshall's books, nor her daughter's books, really. And perhaps Marilyn's personality isn't as cold as her writings are, but usually one says something about the other. In one newsletter (as I said they are normally better than the books) she wrote bluntly, "I don't have time to be everybody's best friend." (referring to some homeschool moms who had written her).

Perhaps she doesn't. But somebody needs to be on board to soften some of her hard lines --and make some sense of the rest of it.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, November 4, 2004
  • Grades Used:
  • Dates used: 11/04/04
I LOVE these booklets. They are smaller than I anticipated, that's true. But they were exaclty what I was looking for! My goals and philosophies lined up perfectly with Howshall's. I was searcing for someone who believed that the Lord was leading my teaching and that I could be creative with my son's education. She had plenty of Biblical references to back everything up. The set is sold individually or together. I was so thrilled with the information and felt that each book, though small, was packed to the brim with advice and terrific, useful information! I have continued to purchase more of her books, each are about $7. The WWOL set was the biggest investment, but worth every penny. I highly suggest WWOL as well as her other books from her website.