The Way They Learn

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  • Reviewed on Saturday, August 16, 2014
  • Grades Used: n/a
  • Dates used: 2013
I read this book out of curiosity about learning styles. I was interested not just for my kids, but for me - I still had no idea what my own learning style was, much less theirs!

This book did nothing to help that. Honestly, I can't even remember what all it said. It was jumbled and over the top - rather than being straightforward and simple, it kept adding layers upon layers to 'learning style'.

I got rid of it after I read it and never looked back. I still don't know our learning styles, nor do I think it's important to know them!

Tanya Treptow

  • Reviewed on Monday, October 13, 2003
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This was a good introductory book about different learning styles. It was a quick but educational read. She covers the Gregorc Model of learning styles - Perception, concrete or abstract, Ordering, sequential or random. Also covered is the Dunn's model of the diversity of environmental preferences. Are you/your child a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? Analytic vs. Global - information processing (Witkin). Dr. Howard Gardner's model of seven different intelligences. The author states that this book is only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to learning about learning styles - but you have to start somewhere and this is a great place to start.