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  • Reviewed on Sunday, September 6, 2015
  • Grades Used: K5-11
  • Dates used: 2004-2015
I am currently enrolled in the 11th grade with A Bela Academy. I have never be in the public or private school system, so I thought this is what every other child had to deal with. Yeah, no. I somewhat struggle with English. You write college level papers starting in the 8-9th grade... I had to get tutored with Algebra II. My tutor said he has never seen a textbook ask you explain EVERY PART of the problem or your grade is knocked a letter. Honestly, I wish my Mother would have picked something else to homeschool me with. I wake up @ 6:30 & sometimes get done @ 4 (not including homework). I legit have no free time. The major problem I have with A Beka Academy is the brainwashing of "biblical morals". In grade 11 Life Mangement pg. 9 reads, "Never ask a boy to go out with you. He may agree, but he will never respect you. The male needs the challenge of the case.... Dress modestly...you would not want to be guilty of causing him, the boy, to be tempted...sometimes date rapes are initiated by a girls immodest dress or allowance of sexual advances." If that doesn't tell you to not chose A Beka Academy, I don't know what doesn't.


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, May 7, 2014
  • Grades Used: .
  • Dates used: .


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
  • Grades Used: 4th & 7th
  • Dates used: 2013
This is a great product for parents who don't have the time or skill to actually teach each subject or are teaching multiple kids. My husband and I share the teaching of our kids with another helper. We work outside the home and pulled our kids out of public & private school to homeschool. This product has greatly helped the transition. It allows for multiple people to facilitate and be on the same page. The 7th grader is rather independent and follows the DVD teacher closely. Although she doesn't like one of the teachers - lets face it, school isn't always exciting in any form. However, since my kids have both recently been in Public/Private schools they enjoy the 4 hr day compared to an 8 hr day at school with an additional 2-3 hours at night of mom trying to teach them what they should've learned at school. To them, a 4 hr day is great. The DVD manuals for elementary school (4th grade) is very thorough. However, although the 7th grade is effective, it just seems skimpy. It's also divided by subject. In order to move this along smoothly, I also added the workbox system to our school day to keep the kids organized and give them some independence. Don't think though that you can leave the DVD on and vacate on the kids - expecting them to do everything on their own. To shorten our days we fast forward through parts where the teacher is playing a game with the other kids. In history/Science I have my kids take notes so they stay engaged. In reading or whenever another student is reading, I have my kid read outloud to me. This is a quality product I see our family using for years.


  • Reviewed on Friday, December 2, 2011
  • Grades Used: 1st, 3rd
  • Dates used: Current
After 4.5 years of homeschooling, family circumstances caused my husband and me to look into using the Abeka Video (Independent Study) program. Prior to this, we had used Abeka for Phonics and Arithmetic and were therefore quite familiar with their materials. We have found the Abeka Videos to be a tremendous blessing to our family. Please allow me to humbly convey thoughts. Everything I say refers to the Independent Study Program.
1. Strong Academics – Abeka has been an academic stalwart for many years. The curriculum has been tried and proven – hence the reason many private schools have chosen to use it over the years. Children instructed using Abeka for core subjects such as Phonics, Reading, Writing and Mathematics have an excellent foundation upon which to build additional learning.
2. Biblical Emphasis – The developers of the Abeka program have a love for God and have incorporated this into their materials. Families who value Biblical emphasis in their studies will appreciate this. The Abeka Video program includes Bible Lessons with lovely hymns and a Bible story daily which are very appropriate for the classroom.
3. Help& Support – Abeka has provided a wonderful option for families through this program. The video program can work for:
A) Families who are beginning their homeschool journey and have no idea how to do it.
B) Families who have pulled an older child out of school and prefer to use an established curriculum instead of piecing one together.
C) Families desiring a private Christian education for their children but find the tuition costs for schools in their area to be prohibitive.
D) Moms who are burnt out trying to keep up with academic planning, preparation and teaching of multiple children.
E) Families where both spouses must work but still desire to teach their children at home.

I could list many more. However, my point is that Abeka has made a provision for what homeschoolers seem to need the most – help and support. They have a strong curriculum, and professionally printed materials. They’ve done most of your lesson planning for you and have even provided someone who can teach the lessons if you are unable to. As with any other life situation, people who “help” us may not always do things the exact same way we would do it. That being said, I feel compelled after reading some other reviews to re-state the obvious:
1. It is a video program. Your child will participate but obviously not to the extent as the children in the video.
2. You can choose to fast-forward, rewind, or not watch a certain subject on certain days. You as the parent have the ultimate say-so in what your children do each and every day. Regardless of who the video instructor is, you are still overseeing every aspect of your child’s education. That’s a privilege you would never have if your children were enrolled in a traditional school.
3. The videos were taped in a classroom setting, and the teacher is instructing many more children than are in your homeschool. There is a lot of drill and a lot of repetition which is completely appropriate for the classroom If your child has fully grasped the concept, just omit the video for that day or move him ahead to the next lesson. Children love being rewarded in this way.
4. There are ways to incorporate fun and creativity. That, however, is your job as a parent to figure out. Abeka has provided the basics and has done an excellent job in doing so. If you want to skip the Science videos and be the “Science teacher” yourself, go for it! With this program, you are limited only by your imagination.

Overall it is a wonderful program and a blessing to our family.