Laurel Springs School

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  • Reviewed on Thursday, August 4, 2016
  • Grades Used: 9
  • Dates used: 2016
We completed Laurel Springs Algebra summer course.

First, the pros:
Relatively fast communication from Student Services

Now, the cons:
EXPENSIVE - holy cow, for what you get, which is almost nothing but an online text book, this is a major expense (and a disappointment).

NOT at ALL what was advertised in terms of variety of learning sources: it is ALL text based, fast paced, and not good for anyone that has trouble learning from reading. If your child has a reading issue, such as Dyslexia, STAY AWAY.

Hardly any teacher interaction.
You will NEED to pay a tutor if you don't know math very well. So, back to EXPENSIVE as you need someone to teach the content (unless your child is a genius - mine isn't).

Fast paced - yep, moves like the wind.

My son has an LD in reading, and they ASSURED us that LSS would be a perfect fit. Wow, that was not the case at all. We had to find all sorts of videos on YouTube to help my son get through the lessons, and then, when that just wasn't working, I had to hire a tutor. There is SO MUCH content in the course I do not recommend taking it in the summer for an intensive. We did math SIX hours daily. It was pretty terrible, and I am terrible at math. It may take a child without an LD less time, but I don't have an LD and it was pretty arduous. Thankfully, my son is good at math.

I was hoping there would be some online classes or at least videos of all the lessons (seriously, for the money, they should have a whole LIBRARY of the content on video)! A 45 minute video option would have been SO HELPFUL. Instead, my son and I went hunting around online for videos for my son to watch (thanks to ProfRobBob on YouTube - the guy is the BEST for upper math video lessons).

My whole point is: for the money I should not have had to spend many hours after my work day sitting with my son looking up videos or outright reading him the content.

I emailed the teacher often, and I heard back rarely. My son often wrote in the Discussion Based assignments (he gets to give feedback) that he wanted more help, videos, or SOME sort of link to give him more access to the content. Nothing happened.

Michelle Holland

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
  • Grades Used: 7th
  • Dates used: 2014
Do not waste your money on this school. Expensive and the sales people are like sharks. They called me non-stop once I requested information and pressured me to sign up. Not worth the money at all just a complete waste!


  • Reviewed on Friday, November 14, 2014
  • Grades Used: 9th
  • Dates used: 2014
I was thrilled and eager for my son to start 9th grade with Laurel Springs. I was excited that he will become apart of an online community for the next 4 years that he will make friends and learn at the same time. Laurel Springs made several unfilled promises.

The Pros:
-Dashboard/Portal of grades
-Online school (we didn’t need a lot of materials)
-They provide a learning style assessment ($250)
-Use turnit-in for written assignments

The Cons:
-Promised to teach to learning style, but none of the courses were tailored to my son’s learning style
-A lot of the curriculum is linked to public websites that you can find yourself
-Many website links were outdated and expired
-Unidentified Sources
-LSS-live (homework help center) does not help student, they redirect the student to his/her teacher
-Teacher did not show up for i-class
-Lost some of his work when he transitioned from textbook Algebra to online Algebra
-Lots of Busy work
-One month Orientation Course that was meaningless, required and expensive.
-Several busy work tactics to force child to need an extension$$$
-Biology teacher took 5 days to respond to email
-Labs are incomplete
-Several misspelled words in curriculum
-Remedial Algebra
-Major communication gap between teachers, tech support, and administration
-Tests will include work that is not taught on assignments
-Assignments are gated to until teachers grade it. (This could take a while another tactic to force extensions $$$)
-Laurel teaches on plagiarism, but plagiarizes websites and student’s work
-Extremely difficult to receive refund (ignored emails, avoiding phone calls, switching phone calls to meaningless departments, promised to send refund on a particular date, I received it 4 months later)


  • Reviewed on Sunday, April 22, 2012
  • Grades Used: 3rd- customized program
  • Dates used: 2012
I was scared to homeschool. But I tried it.
I had chosen Laurel springs because they seemed to be experienced and really together. They have excellent customer service.

We had to do a lot of money scraping, but what I will say is this. What I recieved was exponentially more then what I was paying for. Worth every penny, our lives ( me, my daughters and my husbands) have been improved... Forever.

I will be sending my other child here too. Despite the other free homeschooling/ online options which are avaliable locally.... I would pay again and again for this school.

This is a place where kids are succeeding, yet the tone is non-competitive, non-pressured, and utterly inspiring. It makes my daughte want to learn, she seeks more and more resources about her work, and her teacher continues to provide me with sage advice on how to build this experience for my child.

Her teacher EXCELLS with younger gifted children. She is the ultimate success story of homeschooling for her own gifted child. Her ideas are KILLER, practical and she is insightful, and solid.

This whole experience has changed our whole families lives. And LSS staff has been a guiding light. My whole reality has shifted for the better. My daughter has changed her whole attitude on life. In fact she actually hand washed 10 dishes and made her grandmother lunch.
She sees herself as able, capable and worthy. Normally shy and insecure... She is being cultivated to engage in her world. To investigate and to live. The schools motto " take the pressure off" worked for both me and for her.

This school is best for gifted and talented student, but soon my other daughter will attend here too.

So, even if your a poor single income family, and financially strapped.... This is money we scraped together, and a financial detriment.... And I would do it again.... In fact, in the fall I will do it again:).