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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, February 8, 2012
  • Grades Used: K
  • Dates used: 2/8/2012
We purchased this kit for our five year old daughter. It was part of a Groupon deal offered in November just before Thanksgiving. The first shipment was scheduled to be in January. As of February 9th the kit has not arrived. When contacted they have been fairly quick to respond, but unfortunately, the response has been the kits were shipped and the mail was slow. Media class mail was thought to take as long as ten to twelve days to arrive.

Twenty days after the initially posted ship date there the package has not arrived. When questioned a second time as to package delivery the customer service rep emailed (again a very quick response to their credit), that they did not understand why the mail would not have delivered the packages, and they would be sending the February and January shipments along with an additional item later in February. No refunds were available.

The ship date for the second shipment was not made clear. To this point I am five months and $120 dollars into The Young Scientist Club with nothing to show for my efforts. Also be aware, we received a note in early January with the list of items the customer must purchase which are required to make the solids, liquids & gas kit work.

The supplies total about $10, (things such as baking soda, soda water and other items probably thought to be heavy or hazardous to pack in the box and ship). I hope the additional $10 a month does not hold true for the rest of the year, as it will double the $10 per kit cost of the year long Groupon subscription deal.

I will amend this posting when and if the kit arrives, but I cannot recommend this service as it seems to be $120 of frustration.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, April 24, 2007
  • Grades Used: Used with my 4 yr old
  • Dates used: One Month
I only got this for one month, but was very disappointed. My husband has a Science Degree and we both love Science, these kits dont have anything that you couldnt think up yourself at home. The materials that came in my first kit couldnt have cost more than a couple of dollars and I really didnt feel like it was worth the 15.95 a month! Also, they say on the website that it comes with EVERYTHING you need but simple household items such as recycle-ables (cans, jars,etc..) yet the very first packet called for a blender! I also expected a few different experiments, that would take time to do-it says that each kit will give you 2-3 hours-but we did everything in the kit in about 35 minutes (if you dont add in how long it took our paper to dry). I am unsure if I will buy this again, I will look at other Science Kits instead-or just make a curriculum myself.


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, April 26, 2006
  • Grades Used: 1st-3rd
  • Dates used: 2003-2005
These kits have filled the big void we've had in teaching science to our children. We tried many other science products including using books from the library and then shopping around for all the materials for the experiments (a total pain as I'm sure you know and between gas, price, and time wasted-not economical). My local homeschool support group raved about The Young Scientists Club kits so we started our then-1st grader on them. What a difference!! Everthing you need is in the kits (other than things you have at home anyway), the instructions are perfect for children (they have a cute bug give the instructions) and the parents instructions made me seem to my son like Einstein because I could answer his questions (I have no science background and am actually petrified of science-English for me anyday!). My son would ask every day when his next science kit was coming. We spent about 45 minutes to an hour at a time working on the experiments (each kit comes with about 4 to 10 experiments in them-some short and some lasting over weeks) and completed each kit over the course of about two weeks (which was when our next kit arrived). My son won the local science fair and the $10 prize with a fungus experiment (yuck, that's why I like English) based on one of his kits. I also love the fact that when he was really interested in one of the topics (like fungus for some reason) he could go to their website clubhouse which directed him to other websites with more in depth information on the topic (the sites are mainly for kids too) so we didn't have to spend time going to the library looking for things or surfing the web to find good websites. My son finished the whole 36 kit series (and still re-does previous experiments) and I am now starting my daughter on the series. She was always jealous that she never got things in the mail but it will all even out. The price of the kits is actually cheap when you compare it to other science curriculums which don't include the materials or to science kits that aren't a curriculum. I understand why my homeschool group recommended these kits and I highly recommend them.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, December 15, 2005
  • Grades Used: 3rd
  • Dates used: using now 2005
I got this kit for my son, who bores easily with the textbook approach. He really enjoys doing these kits! I'm the one who's not very impressed. They are quite expensive ($10 a kit) and there's really not much work to do with them. Each kit has about 4 experiments to do. You can usually do them in 10 minutes or less. I guess my problem is that expected there to be more to it. My son could easily do a whole kit in one day! In order to round out our science a bit more, I have got books from the library. If the kit is on crystals, we got crystal books. But I think we'll go with something else next year. Maybe something similar, but cheaper or with some written exercises to go along with it.