A Beka Bible

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  • Reviewed on Thursday, January 29, 2004
  • Grades Used: k5-6th grade
  • Dates used: 08/03 to present
What can I say besides these are great! You can purchase this as a complete curriculum or each series can be purchased seperately. This is my first year home schooling, so I now that fear far to well. My husband and myself want to give our children the christian lifestyle neither one of us had growing up. We absolutely had no idea how to present important stories from the bible appropiately to young children (without them being bored). These flash-a-cards are the size of a 10x13 picture and are very colorful. Each series comes with a lesson book. The lesson book has the entire story word for word for you to read and it tells you exactly when to display each card. Each lesson takes about 15 minutes, and it is broken into three sections (which is a blessing for me because I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old who like to get into things and I would lose my spot or sometimes have to pick up with a lesson at a later time. There is no book work, only a few lesson review questions (about 3)at the end of the lesson. They even wrote the answers right next to the question for you. It is so easy. I am learning things I didnt know alot about and my daughter would never know because of how incredibly easy these lessons are. The really good thing about these series of flash cards is they are used for each grade after the one you are teaching, so you only have to by each series one time ever! I will get to use them with my two younger when they start schooling (though they already do sit in at times). Each series of cards varies with how many are actually in them, but there is about 10 to 20 fully illustrated 10x13 cards per series. The cost per series is around 15 to 23 dollars each. If you buy it as a curriculum like we did,then each year after, you only have to buy 1 or 2 series because you use the same ones every year. It is a good investment. I think that is a great way to really have the stories of the bible learned. It will refresh the memory each year after the previous. I definately give them 2 thumbs up! Go to www.abeka.com. I also love the fact that they do ship very promptly and I literally always need something else from them, so when I order it is already delivered within 10 days of odering. It's great for me because I will order new things as we get a pay check . I almost forgot....these cards are based off the KING JAMES VERSION of the bible, but I haven't ever seen any of the A Beka products that I have used to be any specific denomination. I hope this helps someone out there make an informed decision about the bible curriculm they want to use.