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By: bailbrae

Grades used: 7

Dates used: April 2012
Reviewed on: Friday, October 5, 2012

My oldest son recently started showing an interest in creative writing. While he has great ability, as far as the creativity goes, we saw right away that he needed some help with the mechanics of writing.

I set out to find an online program, because we are all computer junkies here and prefer online to offline, lol. Time4Writing came recommended to me, and after my husband and I poured over the website, we decided to give it a go.

Each course is 8 weeks long, and you can sign your child up for any of the courses. Sure, there are course descriptions by age level (elementary, middle, high, etc), but you could honestly choose whichever course you thought would benefit them the most.

My son started with the Middle School Basic Mechanics. The first time he logged on, he was able to see exactly what the course would entail. It was laid out so we both could see what was going to be covered and when. While your child can work at their own pace, you want to make sure that "their own pace" will be able to complete the course in time.

There was a certified teacher who my son could contact if he had any questions. If he had an assignment that was turned in that needed corrections, the corrections were usually laid out well. But, if he did need further instruction or clarification, she was available by email and responded in a timely enough manner (in my opinion).

If I had to have ONE con about these course, it's the price tag. $99 for each 8 week course. HOWEVER...I can say that we did research other programs, and this price is absolutely comparable (or even cheaper!) than similar writing programs. The benefit of it being done online was more important to us than a difference of a few dollars for a workbook based writing curriculum.

Overall, I would highly recommend Time4Writing. As a parent, I was pleased with the information that was presented, how it was presented, etc.

The most important thing? My son would recommend it, lol. Not only did he tell me he enjoyed it and thanked me for enrolling him, he ASKED to take the next course in mechanics! :)

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