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High School Plans 2018

High School Plans 2018

The search function is not working for me. I'm thinking about next year's plans for my will be 10th dd and 11th ds. I would like to keep them together in some subjects, but they are so very different.

Looking for American history and literature for both and something for art for dd the future animator. Art always gets pushed off the list, but I believe it needs to be more of a priority for her now.

What are your 9-12 grade plans for next year?

re: High School Plans 2018

The search hasn't been working for me for a while, either. I wonder what's up with that.

Next year I'll have an 11th grade son and 9th grade son. This is what I'm thinking so far:

Math - Applied Math from the province
Composition - essay per week, 2 research papers
Literature - a book list
Science - likely Mr. Q Advanced Chemistry
History - finish modern history w/ Notgrass, then we'll probably do Abeka world geography
Electives - speech/public speaking, phys ed and Old Testament

Math - MUS Algebra 1
Composition - written narrations mostly
Literature - book list, some R&S Reading
Science - probably Apologia biology
History - Notgrass Exploring World History part 1
Electives - computer science, maybe some logic, maybe French

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re: High School Plans 2018

I don't know what's up with the error message on search either.

so, another way to do a search is to use google site search.

in google search bar you'd do something like this

site:http://homeschoolreviews.com termyouwantofind

where the termyourwanttofind will vary. it's not what you type, but what you enter.
like this for a search I did yesterday to find where user "faithmom" shared a text from college son about iew writing. I put in her username and search term because I wanted her posts specifically.

site:http://homeschoolreviews.com faithmom iew text

google found that for me. :)

re: High School Plans 2018

What are your 9-12 grade plans for next year?

not much for you to glean for what you're wanting, but if it helps someone out there for special ed (sped) high school at home....

youngest is special ed, grade 11. most of her academic courses were met in grade 9 and 10 and now we're in work and electives and (eta: various therapies)

English is modified with using Monarch. grade 10 with major developmental work from grade 6 or 7 depending how far we get this semester. I took a play from our community college that offers some students a "support class" while in the lowest math for credit.

math: geometry. using a combo of key to workbooks, with a high school geometry course on edX platform. (I enrolled now before the class is archived) developmental supports from key to series with measurement, and maybe the singapore 4a-5b books.

computer skills: applications course using what her sisters used but is out of print now.

personal finance: I have special ed stuff for that. steck vaugn workbook, and some other basic basics basic stuff that the rest of your children learned at grade 3 or something. (semester credit required)

piano with theory: why not? she likes playing piano and is 4th year of formal study going into 5th year. semester credit probably maybe full year depending.

some bible workbook. she likes listening to Bible and things like that. explorer's bible study book.

continue special olympics. easy and fun PE credit. :)

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re: High School Plans 2018

Erin, We are paddling through algebra 2, too and taking breathers along the way. I’m glad you posted! I always feel like I need some sort of lit curriculum, but I really need to just let them read. Now, I’ll have to go peek at the Mr. Q Chemistry.

Thank you! That search worked and I found an old thread. :)
That EdX looks interesting. I found some online courses for animation using adobe and something called Udemy, but I’ve never used these before and I’m a bit nervous about signing up. Pro: it’s free. Con: dd may not like the rigidness of a course. She’s more of an explore it yourself and just get help with the bits she can’t figure it out. So, I’ll have to just document time spent on art or some sort of log and collect samples? I don’t know.

re: High School Plans 2018

We haven't started planning 2018 yet as we are two months behind for this year because of our move. We're slowly trudging through though. The boys picked right back up with no issues.

I wanted to mention that we've been pleased with Notgrass for History/Literature. We don't do the Bible stuff though. We're in World History this year, and we'll use their American history next year for 10th grade.

DS says he wants Debate and Psychology for his electives, so I'm trying to find a way to get debate in a group setting as I don't see it benefiting him if it's just with me.

He's taking Spanish this year, but I'm not sure we'll complete a second year. I'm not sure he's going to college, but at least he'll have one year...maybe we'll spread out year two over the next few years.

re: High School Plans 2018

Erin, We are paddling through algebra 2, too and taking breathers along the way. I’m glad you posted! I always feel like I need some sort of lit curriculum, but I really need to just let them read. Now, I’ll have to go peek at the Mr. Q Chemistry.

My kid just CAN'T do lit curriculum, believe me, I've tried! So I just let him enjoy books and make his own connections.

re: High School Plans 2018

10th grade next year

-Jacob's Geometry + Khan Academy for helps
-DIVE Chemistry (their Biology has been a HUGE hit with my son this year!

Beyond that, Im not entirely sure. He needs a US history credit. We've been earning world history credit this year by counting hours and it. is. exhausting. I'm ready to have him just earn credit by completing a course.

English will focus on writing with IEW, but I'm not sure what I'll use to fill out the lit/grammar portion of the credit. Perhaps Easy Grammar. DS is not a lit analysis person. It's just not something that's going to benefit him in life, so probably just reading will be it. We have to have a portfolio and evaluation for the first time ever (I'm not thrilled about this even though I do like the evaluator I've found. Feels so intrusive), so I shall see what her take is and go from there.


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