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MFW WHL or something similar.

re: MFW WHL or something similar.

Thank you all for the replies and suggestions!

With regards to the Wedding expenses. My daughter is paying for 80% of her wedding and it is an extremely cheap, no frill outdoor park wedding. Not that I need to justify or explain my concern of finances regarding that, but we are literally paying for some food and a $100 cake made by another family member and that is it! The expenses come from just going down to North Carolina to be there at the wedding. Anyhow, I digress....


Thank you so much for your responses and for taking the time, as I know you do frequently, to post links and helpful information.

I really like the suggestions you made and I think that is what I will do. I can make a quick schedule for her and have her keep it up.
I also found a used Writers Inc. so that all will work out fine.

Both kids are going to need ACT prep, so we are definitely doing that as well.

Sorry my response took so long. Again, thank you all for your suggestions. I appreciate this group so much!


re: MFW WHL or something similar.

If you want to use what you have, Notgrass EWH is Bible, English, and History. There's an assignment checklist available here: https://history.notgrass.com/exploring-world-history-links/

oops with all my rambling I didn't go back to "bible" and "lit analysis".

I forgot I was going to second morningsong's suggestion with this link she shared to the free resources from notgrass to make it even easier to schedule the year.

Look on there and it will have a link to lit analysis within notgrass stuff as well as all the good stuff she mentioned with check list for assignments to get through it all. But I got rambling about English and lit and wanted to say to look for that free download on the link she shared.

you'll have a full English in there with reading, lit analysis, writing instruction (writer's inc since that was in whl), and then the stuff in ACT prep will fill it all.

and.. tying it all together in the mfw world of "stuff"... as you know already in the US1877 Bible section there is a part of the program where (in addition to doing thinking like a christian) where they schedule their own daily Bible reading time. Both the 10th and 11th grader could use the Notgrass schedule for that.

You're fine with stuff you have. Just might need the time to schedule a few weeks in a grid with math, science, blah blah blah to make it the good stuff of a mfw daily lesson planner.

re: MFW WHL or something similar.

Awesome! Thank you so much Cbollin!

I really appreciate it!

:) Kristen

re: MFW WHL or something similar.

Kristen, throwing out one more idea here....

What if you buy new MFW exclusives from MFW, but search for everything else used or discounted retailers like CBD and Rainbow Resource? The end total $$ might not be that different from the full package from MFW, but it would allow you to buy just so many weeks' worth at a time, thus saving you some $$ right now while doing wedding prep, then you can buy the rest later.

Just a thought.


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