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Mixed feelings on the year ahead

re: Mixed feelings on the year ahead

What do you mean by entrance exam? If it is a community college, most just have placement tests for math and English.

just for conversation on differences.....

In my state, ACT (or SAT) is required for community college for students up to a certain age. (beyond that age, it's just accuplacer/placement). They'll do a "residual ACT" for that instead of making you do it on national test date if you didn't take it in high school. However, that means the score cannot be used for state scholarship/grants. (requirement for that is waived if student is not first time college student and has transferrable college credit(s) earned at another institution via an official transcript.

surprised me too when I moved here. I was used to community college just meant sign up and pay. But move to a new state, and wow. new rules.

and yes, in my area if they score "too low" on ACT, they will be in remedial classes. So it's not really about "admissions" in terms of a decision to admit or not. But there is a bit of a requirement, and even at community college some of the grant money/scholarship can be from ACT (on a national date).

oh.. and hugs to cozy for the unexpected changes.

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re: Mixed feelings on the year ahead

oh, cozy,

If you decide to help her this semester with doing another research paper to feel a little more ready, here's a nice resource for that.


There's a part on there on the How To Write section that you can put in a start date and due date, then it kicks out a plan to get you there. play around with it. She can find it. :)

Go with the FAQ on there and the due date stuff. And then, when she is at the college, go to the student resource center/writing lab (goes by various names on campuses) and get tutoring and any help needed.

If it is any encouragement to you, my oldest only did one "research" paper in high school, grade 10. She learned the rest of that in college while taking English Composition 2.

re: Mixed feelings on the year ahead

Thanks again, everyone, for your encouragement. My perspective has changed and I'm looking forward to the semester! And thank you all for the advice as well. cbollin - great link! I had a fantastic resource for doing a research paper step-by-step and it's buried deep in a box. This link will be especially helpful if I can't locate it.

re: Mixed feelings on the year ahead

You're feelings are understandable. That said, your daughter can realize any of her dreams if it's God's will. Community college is a great place to start and a good transition before university. They'll be able to place her according to her abilities and she can go from there. You have homeschooled with a good heart and faith. God will continue to help you! Hugs☺
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re: Mixed feelings on the year ahead

God will fill in those areas that just didn't pan out, or they can get it where they go.

I agree with pp to look into the helps available to them - labs, tutors, etc.

Can you update us??



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