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Do you do use pass/ fail?

Do you do use pass/ fail?

Sorry I have been putting this off to long, and need to get my kiddos transcripts in order.

Do you figure in things like drivers ed, and health, and PE, and music, and art, and theology, shop, work study and home ec, into the GPA or do you just do them pass fail.

I see that many schools add them in and many home schools don't, I just want my transcripts to reflect a fair GPA and not be out of the norm for when colleges consider them.

Or do they just know that all schools are all over the place.

My main concern is that if my grades look fluffy it then damages the reputation of all home schoolers, I want to grade with integrity, but also fear my bar is raised to high.

Thanks for anything you can offer.

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re: Do you do use pass/ fail?

Colleges will do what they do with the info.

Once in high school we gave letter grades to all of it. In my state, I use a cover school and they make this guideline.

Maybe the question is really along the lines of "does everything you learn end up on transcript, extracurricular list, or just is stuff you know?"

my experiences on it and mileage will vary:

Driver's Ed: this can be a semester course with classroom and driving time combined. Answers will vary greatly if it needs to be on transcript at all. Varied answers because different states have different rules about if you "need" it or not, or whether parents can be the teacher of it for the purposes of getting the actual license.

Personal experience: oldest has it on transcript as a summer course. She earned A so she got an A in the classroom hours. Turns out it wasn't needed on transcript for getting license or insurance discount. Many around us take this at a driving school. Most people probably don't ask their public or private brick and mortar school to give the credit or to transfer it. Some might if needed.

Health: this was a real course for us, so yes, I gave a real grade and yes it's on transcript.

PE: most of that grade was based on effort and attendance. Easy A, but so what? Cover school says that we have to have it on there. I found some high school syllabus out there at a brick and mortar school that gave grade based on showing up and not mouthing off.

Music/Art (anything in the Fine Arts group): Again, these were real classes, so I gave letter grades. One of our classes was a humanities based Fine Arts so it had readings, tests, etc. Another child did performance based theater. Her grade was based on attendance and effort and time spent in the class and performing all 8 shows. She did this recurring event all 4 years of high school. Year 1 was the credit, and the other years were just listed on extracurricular to show she did them. Child number 3 is piano player. I found a syllabus and grading rubric from brick and mortar schools and based my syllabus and eval on that. It was an earned A.

theology (religion, bible, etc.). Based on the work letter grade was given. classified in electives.

Shop: you mean industrial arts? Never did that as a full class. My daughters did projects with dad around house but this didn't end up on our transcript. If you have a student taking a real course in Industrial Arts and learning this stuff, it is not pass fail.

Work Study: for a college bound student, you can call it a course like Internship or apprenticeship and give real grade. link in a moment to one method of grading.... However, most colleges will ask for this on extracurricular activities

The link for how to evaluate and assign grades for work study comes from the download section of NARHS (north atlantic regional high school , which is an accredited school that some homeschoolers use)

use that.

Home Ec: well, for my children who did Home Ec as a real course, we had tests on the readings and projects to complete, so it was a real course. real grade. For my child who just learned to cook/clean (sorta) as part of growing up, this is not listed on transcript. Again, if real class, real grade.

Just one person's experience in all of that. Not everything that my oldest learned in life showed up on transcript. But courses were given letter grades and were part of GPA.

re: Do you do use pass/ fail?

I can't thank you enough for typing all of that out!
You have been very helpful!

re: Do you do use pass/ fail?

I used actual letter grades for courses like that. I didn't have any pass/ fail.

However, I didn't put Driver's Ed on the transcript.

re: Do you do use pass/ fail?

I don't put pass/fail on the transcript.

Like you mentioned, my goal is to grade with integrity. To that end, I try to give as accurate a representation of my child's performance in each course as possible, and I feel that a letter grade conveys more information than pass/fail. None of my kids' courses have been "automatic A's", and I have given a child a C in an elective. He deserved it, and learned from it.

Less important to me is how colleges calculate high school GPA, but it is worth considering. In addition to the colleges that don't include pass/fail grades into the GPA (giving an advantage to kids who have high grades in these subjects), I've also heard of colleges that input a B for each Pass when calculating GPA.

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