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Teaching Note taking skills

Teaching Note taking skills

I don't post very often, but have been so grateful for the wealth of information on this forum.

I am looking for ideas on how to teach better note taking skills. How do you all teach that? Is there a good resource to use? I would love to hear your ideas. My dd who is in college says that's one thing she wishes she was better at, so I'm looking to be more intentional with that with the rest of the kids.

Thanks so much!

re: Teaching Note taking skills

I can share what I tried with my oldest. I don’t know if it worked for her or not. The summer after her high school graduation we looked online for any youtube videos on Cornell notes, and other methods of note taking.

And we read various pdf files from student centers at various colleges.

before sharing the "big find" I found 3 years ago, I have a few links that I found today that are similar to what I showed her and tried to introduce to her. It just took practice and she had to do it on her own. I know other students who get taught properly before college and go into freshman year with practice.

Look through here

For general tips and encouragements



So what is this organizational tool called Cornell Notes?

Tiem for a youtube vid on How to take Cornell Notes (which is one method of taking notes. Some people still use outlines, or even mind maps)

Is there a video series out there that could teach this instead of me?

Why yes this is. I remember we watched a series of videos from a community college that was for student success. I found that link to the one with lecture notes.

But I recommend if you have time, to have your scholars go through the free version of the entire course. There are 14 topics. And on this link, you’ll find some handouts as well. Here

not sure what to take notes on while in homeschool high school? How about taking notes from the lectures and videos on that Long Beach CC study skills ? Or if you attend religious services with a teaching time, start there (instead of just fill in the blank in the bulletin). Or any video lecture you want

Again, I don’t know how much of that helped my daughter. But that's what I tried (the Long Beach study course and some videos.)

re: Teaching Note taking skills

There are lots of ways to take notes and everyone has a favorite way. I wish I had learned the Cornell Note-taking system when I was in college. I had great notes, but didn't really do much with them except scan over them occasionally. The Cornell way encourages reviewing notes right after class and clarifying them with key points and questions and then add a summary if needed. Cornell's website has directions and videos on good notes and other great study habits for college students.


The key to good notes video:

There are lots of YT's on Cornell notes that you might find helpful. Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4uzQEWj0X8

My dd is a visual learner and always doodles all over her work. I found a YT that combines Cornell note-taking with sketch-booking for visual learners.

If you prefer, you can print out Cornell note-taking paper from WorksheetWorks.com though it's not necessary.

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re: Teaching Note taking skills

This looks great! I will spend some time going through all this. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with me.

re: Teaching Note taking skills

Apologia Advanced Biology touches on the Cornell notetaking method and provides the format in their notebook journal.
We may watch a few videos to get more familiar with it as well.
DD already takes notes well, but there's always room for ideas and possible improvement.

We are also going to be watching BJU's Study Skills DVD soon which is going to address note taking.


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