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9th Grade Curriculum help

9th Grade Curriculum help

I have a daughter who is going into 9th grade this coming year. I am so confused and I have no idea what to choose for her to use. I have decided to use Teaching Textbooks for math but for everything else I have no idea. I feel like I am on overload while searching for what to use. I would like something easy to use and for me to be able to keep track of grades. Please help.


re: 9th Grade Curriculum help

Start by deciding what her courses will be for her freshman year. Then you can choose which publishers you like:

English (you will probably need a literature + composition)

Math (already decided)

Science (what type of science..physical or biology perhaps)

History (we did geography for freshman, because that was our publisher's lineup)

Other Options and Electives for half semesters:

? Health (we needed this for our state)

? Physical Education (we needed this for our state)

? Arts (we chose guitar)

? Study Skills (this could be a good idea to lead in to high school)

That would be 6 credits total for the year. Which is a pretty good number.

re: 9th Grade Curriculum help

Science will probably be biology
U.S. and Virginia History
English -literature + composition
Physical Education & Health

I am still thinking on Electives for her

re: 9th Grade Curriculum help

Faith and family gave you where to start. Choose one subject at a time and go from there. This won't be much help, but my 9th grader will be doing:

Algebra 1 (ACE)
Beautiful Feet Ancient History and Literature (credit for History
and a credit for Lit)
The Power in Your Hands Writing
Real Science 4 Kids Focus on High School Chemistry (most 9th graders don't do Chemistry. They do physical science or Biology, but my child is a chemistry geek and already did Physical Science)
For PE she does 8+ hours of gymnastics a week

Since you already have math chosen, I would probably decide on what you want to do for English next. Most people do a combination of literature and writing, sometimes with grammar added in too. Many publishers put that all together for you, with 1 English credit being part lit, part writing, and usually some grammar review.

There are literally a million ways to choose. Do you want DVD s? Do you want completely independent? Do you know if you prefer a lit based program? A Charlotte Mason type of learning? Do your children have any certain interests, skills, or weaknesses you want to focus on? Etc.

Is this your first year homeschooling? I don't recognize your user name, and your post sounded like you might be new to this.

re: 9th Grade Curriculum help

What have you used in the past? Many programs continue through high school. If we know what has worked in the past, it will give us a better idea of what to recommend.

re: 9th Grade Curriculum help

I am new to the forum. I have been homeschooling with different curriculum I have been given. Now I don't want to try to piece it together from what I have. I have home schooled since she was in 2nd grade. The only struggled she has ever had was in math. That is why it was easy for me to choose. I have used many different things but I have not found a favorite I have used.

In the long run she wants to do Forensic Science. I would like anything that is easy with tracking grades. I stink at making up test and quizzes myself.

re: 9th Grade Curriculum help

True, it might be more time consuming for you to piece together high school curriculum. And it can feel reassuring to have an easy way to track grades for the transcript.

There are a few publishers that we have used, and liked, that have built in tests and quizzes:

APOLOGIA for sciences

ABEKA for literature

BJU PRESS for history

Something that is pretty straight forward for composition is JENSEN'S FORMAT WRITING.

If you would like your student to keep practicing grammar, EASY GRAMMAR ULTIMATE or EASY GRAMMAR PLUS is very easy to grade. You could combine the grammar grade with the literature and composition grades to make up the final English grade.

You can look at the Abeka and BJU websites to find the appropriate textbook for 9th grade.

When actually purchasing, I like to buy things at CBD, because I can read reviews and they have pretty good prices if you're going to buy new. You can always find something you like though, and then try to find it used. I've done that as well.


Welcome to the forum! :)

re: 9th Grade Curriculum help

Thank you so much for all of your information! It is very helpful and I think I have decided on more things finally.


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