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bumping this back up for both of us.

I also wanted to mention that my library has free online practices for the test. I did those. not super hard, but not easy either. based on that limited experience, I would not sign up to take this test before close to end of grade 12 (just to get a little more life under your belt). But wouldn't have a problem with free timed practice versions. Not sure if it would help with confidence for ACT as 10th or 11th grade though.

All of that to say you could check if your library system has access to "Learning Express Library" formerly called Learn a test. That's the section of my library system where the Work Keys stuff (tests and learning for it) is found.

I've also seen where some states use Work Keys (CRC) as a high school exit exam for those on career track and require Silver level. I may have said that already.


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