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re: Abeka Health and World Geography

Abeka Health and World Geography

1. I'm looking for general reviews of Abeka High school Health and World Geography.
This will be my second attempt at buying Health as I bought Lifepac health and it was too basic. I am wanting a more in depth coverage and Abeka looks like it might what I am looking for.

2. I'm on a very tight budget and I don't want to buy the teacher manuals for these subjects; just the answer key to the text questions. I will be buying all the other books.

What would I missing out on if I didn't buy the TMs? Just the schedule? How hard would it to make my own schedule?

This would be parent led (no dvds etc). I live overseas so searching for used books is difficult and becomes expensive with postage for individual items.

3. Can the student do these subjects independently?

re: Abeka Health and World Geography

I have not personally used their Health or Geography at high school level, but I have yet to see anything Abeka hasn't done well. Their middle school health is excellent.

I've used their Physics and Biology only for high school. I did not get the TM for physics and we did fine. All I got for that was the text and the tests/test keys. I read through the material myself ahead of time, assigned it, and then checked answers by looking back through the text and finding them. So yes, it is doable that way. And yes, Abeka can be done fairly independently by high school.

There are a couple of moms here who use Abeka exclusively, so hopefully they will see this and chime in. I'm more eclectic/CM type, but have used something from Abeka for both my dd's most years.

re: Abeka Health and World Geography

You can absolutely do these without the TM, and it wouldn't be very complicated at all to make a schedule, not at all. :)

These two subjects lend themselves very well to being done in an independent style.

My high schoolers have used these, and enjoyed them. They're very thorough and complete, but also presented well, not cumbersome or dry.

re: Abeka Health and World Geography

If you need to know all the titles of chapters, by the way, let me know. I can post those here.

re: Abeka Health and World Geography

Thankyou Bec-rockz and Mommy4Jesus. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

Mommy4Jesus ... thanks for your offer to post the titles but cbd.com has them in their sample online so I won't need them (unless you meant something else and I have misunderstood).

It's such a relief to know the TM is not essential! Thanks : )

re: Abeka Health and World Geography

There are a couple of moms here who use Abeka exclusively

Me, that's me using every grade. I love love love Abeka. Their health and geography has lots of meat. It's not lacking in anything.

re: Abeka Health and World Geography

Funny, I happen to be about 1/2 a mile from A Beka right now.

I was not a big fan of the World Geography. It just seemed like a big book of facts rather than a story like their history books. But, I am not sure I have ever seen an interesting geography book.

The health is to die for. I think the entire world should have to take the health program beginning in elementary and going all the way through. I am amazed at just how much anatomy and physiology DD knows just from being an A Beka student. Granted we added a lot of lab along the way, but, DD knows things I did not learn until graduate school.

For example, that kid knows most bones, types of fractures, physiology of the heart, healthy lifestyle choices, repercussions of various drugs, how to treat asthma, and the list goes on. I am grateful for all the wonderful discussions we have had over the years.

Any program that requires knowing most muscles by the end of elementary is great to me.

I could not recommend tying your A Beka studies into some fun experiments. Take any subject in the day's reading, YouTube some experiments, and you can find something you can do at home, Or, at least have fun watching.

re: Abeka Health and World Geography

Thanks Cricket and Minniewannabe2.

Yes, I can see the health does look amazing but now I'm rethinking the world geography ... I'm so indecisive : )

Off to start a new post on Abeka world history.

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