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Getting rid of stuff

re: Getting rid of stuff

Our family is at the stage now where we are getting rid of more than we take in. Children are not changing sizes as quickly, so we don't need to add clothing as often. We use the library for books, audiobooks, magazines. I have enough homeschool material to finish our studies. I have enough dishes, sheets, etc. The one area that I can't control though is the garage: tools, athletic gear, pet supplies, camping equipment. It drives me a bit crazy, but I have to live with it.

re: Getting rid of stuff

Minimalist Here!!!
Decluttering for me = An easier to clean, more peaceful feeling home. Some love knicknacks and collectibles. That stuff stresses me out!!!

As it stands...
I have totally de-cluttered the family room, living room, sunroom and dining room (minus the cabinet with the china we NEVER use but dh wants to keep!). Working on home office, our bedroom and kitchen soon. Then...the dreaded attic!

Framed pictures are in drawers and I alternate which ones I put out every 6mo-year so that I don't have zillions of framed pictures on shelves and walls that have to constantly be dusted.

Only classic literature and books we need for reference are kept on our bookshelf. The rest are donated to neighborhood senior lunch programs.

Kids stuff: All of mine live on campus. BUT I don't de-clutter their rooms. They can make the choice of what to keep, what to box and store, and what the take with them when they have their own homes. One is sloppy and doesn't purge because of that. One hoards a bit. One purges his stuff 1-2 times a year.

I'd purge the whole house if the rest of the family would be on board!


re: Getting rid of stuff

In the midst of decluttering, but it's going slow. I cleaned out my parents' house of 40+ years, and I don't want my children to have the same job. It's overwhelming at times, but I keep moving forward. Little by little, one step at a time.

re: Getting rid of stuff

I have been at it every day for over a week. I didn't realize we even had so much stuff. My friend asked how it's possible I've already gotten rid of 40-50 bags of things. I guess I know how to clean really well or something, because she had no idea we had so much stuff. We do have a lot of large walk in closets.

I'm still going. I've made HUGE progress. The kids are happy because their rooms now only take a couple of minutes to clean up, at most. One child is hesitant about it, so I have saved her room for last. But I know she'll agree to it soon. She already did get rid of a ton of things. Once I am done, I will continue to go through rooms and see if there is even more I can get rid of.

How much clothing does one person need? That's what I'm struggling a bit with. I'm not sure how much to keep. A weeks' worth? Ten days? 14?

We are only keeping the most favored toys. They are already playing with their toys more often at this point. I think they were overwhelmed before.

re: Getting rid of stuff

When my kids were little, (they're teens or older now), I had a fair bit of clothing for them, because (1) kids put a lot of wear and tear on their clothes, esp. little boys, and (2) that allows plenty of leeway for laundry.

(Now that they're young adults, how much clothing they have is entirely up to them. They have several weeks' worth. It's all neatly in bureaus or a closet, with out-of-season heavy sweaters kept in an underbed during the summer.)

I also had quite a few toys for them, because I feel play is one of the major learning experiences and a formative element in childrens' lives (a la Montessori, Waldorf, Piaget, etc.). What I did do, though, is to have a mostly centralized location for them, very organized, with bins and baskets. When there's a set-up like that, a lot of toys don't even seem noticeable. They did have things in their rooms, too; the boys had mainly Lego and Playmobile in there, and the girls had dolls and jewelry-making and things of that nature. But their rooms had storage to keep everything tucked away when not in use.

re: Getting rid of stuff

Totally agree! I do need extra for the littles... they get stains, holes, etc. So it's hard to get rid of extra clothes. I think if everything else is done, that won't be an issue.

As far as the toys... I did leave a few things in their rooms... the easy to clean up toys. The rest of them are going into shoe box bins and put in one of the storage closets on shelves. That way, I can pull out what they want to play with and it's really easy to rotate toys that way. And it stops them from just dumping the toys all over the floors and mixing everything together.

re: Getting rid of stuff

Since DD17 left for college, I have been nesting. This involves a deep clean on everything (never been done on this house). And, much stuff is being thrown out in the process.

But, I am glad I am not a minimalist. All those old video game systems from PlayStation 2 on up have been hooked up to one remote and one tv for my video game room extravaganza!

Then, I have a coffee table that has huge storage. That has tons of bamboo compartments added for a Lego storage setup for ME!

The cage is now cleaned and fresh plants in all the pots. The windows are mostly done, inside and out.

Finally, the master bedroom was turned back into DH and my room. So that was a major overhaul.

DH is a hoarder, worse than I am. As fast as I am getting rid of stuff, he is bringing more stuff in. Junk, all of it. I see how easy it is for people to get buried alive in their homes.

Good luck all of you minimalists. I pray I never get there. Lol.

re: Getting rid of stuff

I have been minimizing some things, but not others.

For example, I have limited our home decor to just the things that bring us happiness. It is now mostly books, photos, and antique/vintage items. It would look like a lot compared to a true minimalist home, but for me it is simply the things that are special, no extra.

We don't have a large amount of clothes, or extra linens, and so forth. But dh keeps extra supplies for projects and gardening. And I keep a lot of memory items, such as scrapbooks and keepsakes from the kids.

So, I guess we aren't minimalist in a real sense, more like, we have started paring down to just the things that are important to us.


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