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Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

Wow. That should have been so simple, to ensure his name was on that database.

Even to this day, as "just" a mom, I do the same thing I did when I worked outside the home: follow-through. People need to start taking more responsibility for ensuring things on their watch get done.


So, so sad.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

I just read an article that he had issues going on with himself and his in-laws (who infrequently attended that church, and were not there yesterday). He had sent his m-i-l threatening text messages.

Yes, they were not there; terribly ironic. But he killed his grandmother-in-law. :(

He was court martialed and dishonorably discharged, I read, due to assaulting his wife and child.

Our local news said that he had cracked his stepson's skull -- poor kid. He was obviously a very dangerous guy. I don't know why he was not locked up for that?

I got the impression that he was mad at the church because someone (the pastor?) had counseled his wife not to stay with him. I'm not sure if that was before or after he cracked her son's skull.

To quote DT: It was an Evil Act. Amen to that.

BTW, DT Jr. is saying that people (the fake lamestream news?) are criticizing DT? the people of the church? for saying they are praying! Good grief, what's wrong with that? It's THE most appropriate response.

Kesa, you're right. The Feds dropped the ball Big Time on this one. There Are Already Laws On The Books which could (and should) have prevented this horrific act. That may be the biggest shame of all.

P.S. He was a coward. Wearing a bullet-proof vest. How sad it is that an off-duty police officer wasn't in the congregation with his or her weapon -- like the woman in CO who saved an untold number of lives several years back when she took down a guy who had just begun shooting in a church sanctuary.

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re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

The news is now reporting that the military never reported the dishonorable discharge to the database.

However, his charge of domestic violence alone should have put an immediate stop to him obtaining a gun permit, or purchasing firearms.

The ball was still dropped.

Although, I am quite certain that this man would have purchased these firearms illegally anyways.

IMO, I think that any church members/pastors/elders should carry if they feel comfortable doing so. Our church also had volunteers who worked as guards at the door who also carried. (These men were either in the military/retired military or were skilled in this area). At the time we were at this church, there was a lot of "political" talk, and there was a lot of fear of someone coming in to put a stop to it. IYKWIM.

Families are ripped apart. This is all so tragic and heartbreaking.

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re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

At our church the Elders and ushers have been trained on what to do as they stand near the entrance of the church and they are prepared to protect and defend us should that time come, some members have conceal carry permits and have been trained by a police officer in the church on how to keep us secure in all sorts of scenarios not just the worst possible ones.

I hope more churches discuss safety, ours is an inner city church and we have had to deal with the concerns prior to any shooting events, just because it is a "rough" neighborhood.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

God bless your church for being there, Lizbeth. You're a "lighthouse" in a needy place.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

"However, his charge of domestic violence alone should have put an immediate stop to him obtaining a gun permit, or purchasing firearms."

I agree, and as I understand it, this IS (supposed to be) the case. Unfortunately, that was not reported, so he wasn't in the database. As Lizbeth said, he still might have gotten guns illegally, but it would have been harder.

Since I posted above, I've heard that he did serve time for domestic abuse (he *deliberately* hit his stepson so hard, he cracked his skull -- unbelievable -- which is why he was dishonorably discharged IIRC). If he did serve time, it was in a military prison. And they should have reported him to the database.

I just learned later last night that a guy who lived about a block away from the church heard the commotion, realized what was going on, and grabbed his gun (not even taking time to put on shoes), then went and neutralized the guy. Hurray for him!!! He saved many lives.

Those who are mocking those parishioners and mocking the Lord and mocking prayer should take note of that.

I caught a clip of DT in SoKorea. Un.believe.ably, a reporter from abc asked him about gun control over there! His response was perfect. After saying how inappropriate that question was over there, in that context, he did answer it. He said that if the neighbor guy hadn't had a gun, MANY more lives would have been lost. She was very rude and kept pressing with her pc agenda, but he very deftly gave his final reply (the same) and continued on.

Our church congregation includes some police officers, one retired. After there was some vandalism in the church parking lot one Sunday morning, they began wearing their guns visibly and they take turns each week patrolling the parking lot. One is always at the door as people come in.

How sad that we have to live this way, in church of all places! When people dismissed God from our public life, they had no idea what the consequences would be.

Now they want to "fix it" with repressive laws which would actually make the situation even worse (as DT pointed out last night in SoKo about Chicago, which has severe gun laws), but the only thing which can help is repentance of sin. Nothing less. God honors those who honor Him.


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