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Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

Praying for all.

Here is a good article to read that helps make sense of this senseless slaughter.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

From what I read, he was antifa.

(He was also DIShonorably discharged from the military.)

But I think the main problem is his antifa-based philosophical underpinnings.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

They really need to do something where they can watch those with mental illness. I know there are a bunch with mental illness but there are a few that are loose cannons. Is there a way to put a watch on the unstable ones?

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

Was he on he meds for mental illness, farmschool? (Sorry - I haven't read all the articles about it, only some.)

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

I don't know if he was on meds or not for a mental illness, but anyone who can do such a horrific thing like this is definitely mentally unbalanced.

He slipped through the cracks as far as purchasing guns and obtaining a permit. His information was not on the federal database that he was dishonorably discharged from the military.

Someone is going to get slapped. And they should.

The church I used to go to the Pastor and all the elders carried guns. I know my husband has an LTC and would also. And this was back 10 years ago. They were afraid of something like this happening.

Cue all the freaks of the week who want to try and ban guns again. SMH.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

I just read an article that he had issues going on with himself and his in-laws (who infrequently attended that church, and were not there yesterday). He had sent his m-i-l threatening text messages.

He was court martialed and dishonorably discharged, I read, due to assaulting his wife and child.

So obviously, any weapons he had were illegal, because gun laws would have precluded him from legally owning them.

So.......he was really mad at the in-laws, who knows why at this point, maybe still stemming from the issues with his wife and child, and decided to stalk into their church, and kill.

I now am wondering if the in-laws ever told law enforcement about those threatening text messages.

Really, it's a sad state of affairs when angry, unstable people decide to act this violent just because they are mad. They're adults acting like 2 year olds pitching a fit when they can't have another cookie. I honestly think that some of what we're seeing is that kind of behavior, since morality has been so dumbed down and kids are taught in ps that they have a right to whatever they want, whatever they feel is right, and there is no right and no wrong. This is basically the logical culmination of the eradication of a Judeo-Christian ethic.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

Btw, to the OP....

Thanks for posting that article, Lizbeth. Really spot-on.

I think non-Christians will never be able to make any sense of violence or any of the other ills of this world until and unless they acknowledge Original Sin.

They want to say we humans are all good; bad things happen because someone is "mentally ill," poor, dysfunctional background, etc. etc. -- just a Rousseau's tabula rasa who would have been a lovely, lovely person "if only" s/he'd been dealt a better hand of cards in life.

And then they can never answer as to why some people are indeed dealt a rough deck of cards at the start of life and rise well above it, surmounting it.....

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

They've not even begun.

re: Slaughter at a church on Sunday.

He had a legal permit and purchased the guns legally because the federal database did not show he was dishonerably discharged.

It was " illegal " for him to have them no doubt. But he did obtain them legally .

Like I said , the Feds dropped the ball on this big time.


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