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re: re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

I just wanted to mention this in case your GI doc has not.

When taking antacids long term, please make sure they check her iron periodically.

You need acid to absorb iron and assuming she has her period , you don't want her to get low.

I know m4j mentioned aloe Vera juice. It is worth trying until you get some concrete answers.

Hope you get some soon so she can heal xo

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

I really think Slippery Elm could at least make her a little more comfortable while you're working on the correct diagnosis. It can't hurt. It also helps constipation.

Hope this helps.

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

Just because the MDs don't have a cause doesn't mean there isn't one. Anxiety is an overly used label for many unknowns. Being a zebra in a horse world of medicine can be very frustrating. You are a good mom and advocate for your DD. She's blessed.
Praying for you
Michelle 32

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

Frankly, if I had that kind of pain, I'd have some anxiety issues. Not saying the anxiety is the cause of the problem but that the pain is overwhelming.

Praying for healing for her and the others with daughters with issues.

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

Of course they are out of the office for the week ( eyeroll). Someone suggested in the other thread of mine to do the Gaviscon at night only instead of 3x a day. So, we did that last night. The only reason they took her off of it was because it was making her nauseous. But we have something to relieve the nausea. I will continue to do this until they are back in the office on Monday and we will go from there.

The nurse I spoke with yesterday, who does not work with our Dr. , said they advise Myralax for constipation.

Today, she felt great, so I got her anything she wanted. So it was the Starbuck ham/cheese, and pumpkin bread. She needs the calories. We are making every bite count. When she is nauseous she doesn't feel like eating; who does?

I called another dr. that diagnosed my nephew. To walk into their office is $700. Now I'm not saying I'm not considering it, I'm saying that I've already shelled out $2K. So I do have to take that into consideration. She won't have to be on meds forever, or at least this many once she's healed.

But if I can't keep her feeling well, I'm considering the test that was mentioned about the contrast and gallbladder.

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re: re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

Also, we read that the aloe vera juice can cause heart palpitations, so we are holding off on trying that. I don't need another symptom I'm trying to figure out. But we have considered it.

As far as the Gaviscon ( to whoever mentioned the 1x a day in my other thread), they make the same Gaviscon in the UK. Look it up. It's minus the aluminum. It actually has alginate material in it. You know, alginate is what they take impressions with on your teeth. It's made from seaweed. It's used to create a really good barrier on the stomach. However, the dr. mentioned me looking into it. Go read the comments. It's in a brown bottle. Why would he want us to try it if there are many thumbs down on it? I just don' tknow. And , I'm going to ask him if he actually read the reviews.

But just because the US doesn't allow that kind, doesn't mean it might not work. My older dd is on a heart med that is allowed in every country but ours; and it works . So I guess just because it's not allowed here, doesn't mean it might not work. Still deciding on that one as well.

P.S. Just mentioning lots of things so that it may help someone else.

It took the Dr.s 6 months to diagnose me, my dd knows that I will get to the bottom of things no matter what. So that is why she doesn't have anxiety about it. I do the worrying for them.

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re: re: re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

It sounds a lot like my GERD symptons.
And the meds you mentioned are rather weak if it is a bad case of GERD.

The other meds have very short life and when they wear off (quickly) the symptons are WORSE than before. Zantac is also very well known for doing that just as Pepcid and other weak meds.

She probably needs NEXIUM 20mg once a day in first part of day is important or she might need it twice a day for awhile or even a 40mg in early part of day or twice a day at first. I would try the 20mg once a day in first part of day before doing more. Maybe one in evening if it is something you really want to try.

Nexium is the ONLY thing that works for me but some people do better on Prilosec (omeprazole), and some on Pantoprazole.

My husband has Barrett's Esophagus and has had a half of a year series of thermal ablations of his esophagus. He now takes omeprazole faithfully (Prilosec) twice a day.

Prilosec (omeprazole) does not work on me. ONly Nexium.

However, Pepcid, Zantac, Gaviscon, Pepcid, Prevacid, and all are too weak and wear off too quickly leaving you worse than before. The rebound acid effect is killer. The pain in front, side, back, and radiating to my shoulder...UGH! The reflux I DID NOT KNOW I was having!! Yes you can have reflux and not know it. Even migraines and silent migraines from it!

Once you start antacids you are in it for a long haul because going off hurts so bad.
I did get off after years and it was difficult.
I had a whole herbal supplement regimen to ease me off and I used a vinegar concoction that I drank.

But when you need the med you NEED the med and the RIGHT one for you and a strong enough one!
The weak ones only aggravate the problem and make it worse.

Trust me (lol), I'm an expert in this, (jk), but really, battling my husband's Advanced Barrett's and my GERD and large hiatal hernia I learned a thing or two.

But her systems are classic for this and her experience with treatment thus far is pretty classic too.

Something has upset her system, I can't say what, it has gone on awhile even before she actually realized it, and now it is very mean and needs stern treatment.

I don't like the meds, but they do the job once you get the right strong one for you.

She also needs to not eat for 3 or 4 hours before laying down whether naps or bedtime if she has it bad and needs to elevate head of bed.
She doesn't necessarily have to realize she is having an issue to be having an issue.

The result of acid burn the doctor found is proof. But the real proof is her symptons finally emerging.

re: re: re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

A lot of times, folks with GERD find relief through reducing or greatly eliminating gluten, processed grains and foods, sugars, and dairy.

GERD needs an alkaline diet, once her system has quieted down: quality protein, quality oils (olive, coconut, ghee), green vegetables in abundance, fruit, though much less in proportion to vegetable intake, whole unprocessed starches (brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, squash, sweet potatoes, etc.). Basically from-scratch whole foods.


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