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re: re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

But I'm just going to put it here and talk it out.

First, my dd does not have anxiety. If she had anxiety; then that is something she would have symptoms of She actually has a friend going through the same thing as her and the drs are trying to throw anxiety meds at her. That really is a shame. Because it's so easy to do that and not explore.

Second, I do have another name of another dr that ended up diagnosing my nephew after he had seen 9 other drs, so that is on the table.

Three, trying to connect dots is really hard with this.

We initially saw the gastro with the symptoms of chest hurting after eating and her throat burning after eating and nausea. Tums and a small amount of time on Pepcid for a few months and condition started to worsen. Actually, our symptoms are more now than they were when we went in.

Had endoscopy, esophagus good, everything looked good except for her stomach which looked slightly burned from the acid. So it was Carafate 3 x daily, Prevacid in the morning, Pepcid at two meals.

A couple days after she began to get severe stomach pain that radiated to her back and chest pain that radiated to her upper back and nausea. Each day it got worse, until she ended up in ER on Oct 21. After a CAT scan and oodles of blood work, they concluded there were no issues with gallbladder, pancreas, appendix or anything else. Kidneys good as well.
At this time I made the suggestion that her pain in back was possibly from Carafate, someone finally listened and they had her stop that and go on Gaviscon 3x daily instead.

After 24 hours all her pain had stopped, but she still had nausea. At her visit last week, dr thought the Gaviscon was making her nauseas and stopped that as well.
So now it's just the Prevacid and Pepcid at 2 meals.

Nothing coating her stomach. She still needs to heal. So now day by day by day we are back to her chest hurting and hurting through to her back. I now have a call into the dr. to address what we do next. IF he can't take care of her pain, then I will find someone who will. Anxiety would not work back and forth like this. This is the last time I'm addressing it. If you have kids with it, then you know your child and probably concluded for yourself that it was the right diagnosis. But I won't be that person who simply brushes it off as anxiety, when I know my dd all so well. They did this to me at the beginning with my heart problem. It's like telling a person they are crazy, and it's all in their head.

My dd is very active, or is at last trying to be now. We are getting ready for homecoming , has her dress, and is excited. And another thing, she does not have an ulcer. I think she would have probably ended up with one had we not addressed her situation.

Last, the meds she is on is causing super constipation. I know all the usual foods, fiber gummies( I want something natural), but with the lack of acid I don't think her food is being broken down enough, so now we have a NEW problem.

This morning, after her first few bites of food, her chest immediately hurts, I know it will progress with each meal, That is the way it works and I want to know why.

We have ended up worse than when we started. They better figure it out. With all the medications out there, why can't they find ones that don't have such adverse affects? Why do they all have to cause constipation, pain , nausea?

I'm just so done with it. The thoughts of having to go through the holidays with her not feeling well is upsetting me. There has to be something they can have her take that doesn't make her nauseous and can coat her stomach to protect and heal it.

And that is that. Anxiety doesn't work back and forth like that. When she is feeling good on a day, then she eats everything and has a great happy day.

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re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

And since she's not allowed any acid, it really rules out a lot of fruits. But they are going to have to tell me what we can use on a daily basis to keep her regular. She has never ever had this problem.

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

I think people are just trying to help.

We threw anxiety out there because "sometimes" when all medical DX comes back with no answers, it can be worth exploring. And, I am sorry to disagree.... that anxiety does come and go. It does and can have symptoms on and off. But you know your daughter better then we do sooooo.........

Right now it seems as if you have no answers.

You know what has shown on tests. Acid.

I know you want her out of pain, and I would certainly agree with this. However, for now that is just masking the problem.

So I hope that some of the other Dr's you see will be able to pinpoint as to the cause of the problem. So it can be treated properly.

I know how frustrating this can be. I have BTDT with my IBS. I spent months and months in pain, when all Dr's did was try different meds on me without even knowing what was causing my stomach pains. I lost so much weight and my husband was beyond frustrated. It took him, and a lot of persuasion to get a Dr to finally get what was going on with me.

Just keep pushing. I know you are a good advocate for her. I really hope you can get to the bottom of this so she feels better real soon. xo

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re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

If it's not anxiety, I believe you, because you and your daughter know her best. (And we're just out in cyberspace and hundreds or thousands of miles away.) :) HUGS

That said, I am a person who can barely tolerate any non-natural medicines. I know I HAVE to keep myself healthy, because my body is allergic to or terribly hyper-sensitive to chemical drugs.

I wonder, would it work to explore herbs, essential oils (aromatherapy), massage, music therapy? And healing/gentle foods? Maybe your daughter's body is sensitive and these other modalities would work better "with" her own body. ???

I'm so sorry, and I'll pray she finds answers.

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

re: gallbladder

I was just chatting with a friend the other night. It took her MONTHS and many dr visits to finally visit the ED and have a dr do the test to see if it was working properly. This is a different test than a scan to see if there are stones. (She had no stones.) No other dr had ever checked to see if/how it was working.

Maybe these had been done, but if it's like it was with her, it was that odd doc that thought of it. Again, this was a separate test than the usual for stones.


re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing



The test is called HIDA. My niece had this done.

A HIDA scan. In this test, a radioactive material called hydroxy iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) is injected into the patient. The radioactive material is taken up by the gallbladder to measure gallbladder emptying function. This test also is referred to as cholescintigraphy.

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

Honey, I have no idea what your dd has and I only mentioned anxiety in the other thread trying to help. I just want your dd to feel better. I really don’t know what advice to give you, other than you be your dd’s biggest advocate (which I am sure you are already) and keep looking for a solution. I know it can be frustrating - I’ve been down a similar road with mine.

One thing I can suggest food wise that helps me when my ulcer flares up is rice cereal - think the baby food kind, but they do make an adult version - it comes in a small yellow box in the hot breakfast cereal section, by the cream of wheat. It’s called cream of rice. I love it and I make it with hot water (you have to in order to cook it, but then I refrigerate it and eat it cold. Nothing on it. Really helps me. Very filling. I used to eat my kids baby rice cereal and loved it, but since they’ve grown up I feel weird buying that so I buy this. Perhaps the baby food version though has more vitamins and minerals. Worth a shot until you find a solution. Very cheap.

re: Sorry to start another thread about the same thing

Cricket, I believe you that your dd doesn't have anxiety. Mine certainly doesn't either. Not all gastric issues are caused by anxiety.

Since yours is currently only taking antacids, can she take Mylanta or Pepto or something like that to coat her stomach prior to eating? I also think further testing on her gall bladder is a good idea since nothing else is really showing up.


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